Friday, September 6, 2019

Magic path current challenge: civilisation acheivements

Pay attention to any manifestations of modern civilization around you: eating delicious fresh food inaccessible to people in the past, wearing soft cozy clothes that could not be sewn before, enjoying the view from the window of a skyscraper, etc. Do you appreciate things that have become ordinary for us? Don Juan Matus stated that human beings as organisms perform a stu¬pendous maneuver of perception which, unfortunately, creates a misconception, a false front; they take the influx of sheer energy in the universe at large and turn it into sensory data, which they interpret according to a strict system of interpretation that sorcerers call the human form. This magical act of interpreting pure energy gives rise to the misconception, the peculiar conviction of human beings that their interpretation system is all that exists. Don Juan elucidated this phenomenon with an example. He said that tree, as tree is known to human beings, is more interpretation than perception. He pointed out that for human beings to establish the presence of tree, all they need is a cursory glance that tells them hardly anything. The rest is a phenomenon which he described as the calling of intent, the intent of tree; that is to say, the interpretation of sensory data pertaining to the specific phenomenon that human beings call tree. He declared that the entire world of human beings, just as in this example, is composed of an endless repertoire of interpretations where human senses play a minimal role. In other words, only the visual sense touches the energy influx which comes from the universe at large, and it does so only in a cursory fashion. C.Castaneda "Magical Passes" Type: not doing, stopping the internal dialogue Difficulty: low