Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Magic path current challenge: new routes exploration

Today try to follow the other routes going out. Perhaps they might be longer but it's a good opportunity to go where you've never been before, even if it's near your house. Explore the new things, interrupt your daily flow of thoughts and actions. "To be a hunter is not just to trap game, " he went on. "A hunter that is worth his salt does not catch game because he sets his traps, or because he knows the routines of his prey, but because he himself has no routines. This is his advantage. He is not at all like the animals he is after, fixed by heavy routines and predictable quirks; he is free, fluid, unpredictable." What don Juan was saying sounded to me like an arbitrary and irrational idealization. I could not conceive of a life without routines. I wanted to be very honest with him and not just agree or disagree with him. I felt that what he had in mind was not possible to accomplish by me or by anyone. "I don't care how you feel, " he said. "In order to be a hunter you must disrupt the routines of your life. You have done well in hunting. You have learned quickly and now you can see that you are like your prey, easy to predict." C.Castaneda "Journey to Ixtlan" Type: stopping the internal dialogue, not doing Difficulty: low