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Ghost Hunting For Beginners Part 1-3: Understanding The Basics


In part 1 of this course, you will learn to tell the difference between the many types of entities you may come across, How to identify them, as well as understand the many ways these beings can hurt us

If you’re just starting out, this will ensure you set yourself up for success right from the beginning. If you already have some level of experience, you’ll learn why they may not be doing well, or confirm why you are having better luck than most with paranormal encounters!

Let's begin our journey with these guides so that you have a proper understanding with ghosts before heading out to find one:Once you've read these articles and have a general understanding of what you will be hunting, proceed to part 2 below!
In part 2 of this course, you will need to grab some gear! There are tons of equipment on the market so I will sort things out from the least expensive items to the more heavy duty stuff.

Technology has come along ways in the ghost hunting community. The development of mobile devices has made it possible to do almost everything from our phone or tablets in the form of apps. Ghost hunting apps are software versions of some of the more popular ghost hunting gear available.

If you are just starting out, I'd recommend small investments with applications first and than move up to the premium equipment better suited for the more experienced.

Heres a list of essential guides to follow in order to understand what items you should be looking to collect before heading out on your paranormal expedition:
Once you've read these articles and have a general understanding of what you will need to have, proceed to part 3 below!
In part 3 of this course, you are ready to head out and find some ghosts! This part of the course will provide tips on where to look, what to for and how to find ghosts...

Supernatural beings can be very tricky to work with. Investigating will require patience and a strong sense of focus. I will list a few solid reference guides to assist you while you are out on an investigation:
Now that you have a complete understanding of how the ghost hunting operation works, get out there and make me proud! Feel free to save this mini-course to use as a reference to come back to while you develop your skillset. 

We will be in touch... Happy hunting my friend,

Hunter signing out!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

UNDEBUNKABLE Poltergeist Video! Ghost in Iraq - poltergeist caught on camera, (By A soldier in Iraq)

The experts on the TV show Paranormal Caught On Camera were very impressed, as am I, and most viewers of it online! There is no apparent evidence of fakery. Furthermore, this is a very credible witness who adamantly stands by his story. The video was captured in a war zone for heaven's sake! Not the type of place one would think of faking paranormal videos would be high on an individual's priority list. Many believe this soldier encountered a Djinn due to his location (See the last video below).

Steven Crane
Okay, so to answer all the questions being asked here.... Yes my video is real. I was deployed in 2010 in Tallil Iraq (COB ADDER) it was the middle of the night roughly around 3am or so, and I was making a video for my wife and family back home to let them know that they have been on my mind and were truely missed. During this process, I heard a soft whisper in my left ear, (I didnt even know the blanket had moved until I watch the video) when I turned towards the whisper, the locker in my CHU flung open, and scared me shit-less! BUT, I was deployed with multiple soldiers who would enjoy a prank, so of course I was sceptical. I chose to investigate my room and find a logical explanation for the events that had just taken place. I was unable to find ANYONE or anything in my room until I turned back towards my computer. What I seen was a shadowy figure with a light glow around the edges in the corner of my room. I couldn't tell you what it was, because it was not in human form or anything that I could make out. But, as you can see I didnt stay around long enough to try and figure out what shape or silhouette was floating in the corner of my CHU. I bolted and demanded a different CHU after showing off the video to my SFC. I never had another experience like that again while deployed over seas, but some strange events have occurred back home once I returned state side....

Backup Video:

The Feroz Shah Kotla is said to be one of the most haunted places in Delhi, India. Interestingly, it is haunted by Djinns and people visit to worship and leave letters for these entities. I explore the haunted Fortress in search of these Djinns and to explore this cultural practice. Read More about these Djinns: https://amyscrypt.com/feroz-shah-kotla-djinn-delhi-india/

Monday, February 8, 2021

Poltergeist ghost pulls woman in office chair

it's a prank look at the bottom leg, a fishing line could pull the leg, notice it pulls straight backward the point of the tug it directs the leg in the direction of the tug which is directly behind the chair... bud ekins 7 months ago You can't actually see the potential fishing line though. . 

Fishing line? I think the shadowy figure behind the chair would be offended. LOL!

LMmccallL57 @jrag1000 
Before recording and editing were huge, people had to rely on being trusted with the experience they told about. Now, you can have recorded proof, and someone will still tear down your facts. These days, I can agree that many people are using hoaxes to become noticed, but as for the theory, I don't try to add anything extra in my thoughts to make it so, I try to look for signs that it's not real, if I get that feeling. If I don't, and also don't find anything after researching, I move on. I use my own experiences, if similar, and I also go with things like God's work that no human can fake. I have caught ghosts on camera and have considered submitting to PCOC, but if I did, it would be anonymously. I have family members who've seen the footage, so I'm not worried about them. I just don't want strangers calling me a liar, saying it's edited, fake, etc. :( With today's technology, you may win or lose, but with so many skeptics, it's very easy to lose. People would want me to prove my footage, but all I have is a video, and the story of what happened while at the location. Oh, well.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Evil is Real Don’t Be fooled a Native American Traditional (Diné) Teaching

Story of the Flying Saint Joseph of Cupertino and Buddhist Monk Kenchen Tsewang Rigdzin Offer Corroborating Evidence That Death Is Bunk!

Be they Christian or Buddhist, highly accomplished spiritual individuals are interestingly documented to demonstrate the same types of amazing abilities, such as flying through the air and leaving their footprints in solid stone! 

In this brief clip from the 1967 movie "More than a Miracle" starring Omar Sharif and Sophia Loren, the flying saint, Joseph of Cupertino, plays a brief but important part. St. Joseph lived from 1603 to 1663, and had literally hundreds of well documented flights, staying in the air hours at a time, and spending a considerable part of his life in the air. This movie presents an artist's imagination of what these flights might have been like. Joseph's innumerable flights witnessed by great leaders of his time, by popes, and by the common people of the towns where he lived led to his being canonized as a Saint in the Catholic church in 1753. Flights like these are recorded in cultures throughout the world and throughout history, but none are so well documented as the flights of Joseph of Cupertino. These miraculous flights show that man can indeed be the master of gravity. This is the inspiring picture of an ideal man, with which the movie "More than a Miracle" begins. 

Kenchen Tsewang Rigdzin-Rainbow Body Flying Away into the Sky 

What is described below is one popular version of the event that was commonly known to the elder local people in Tongde County. This version was known to most people and believed by most people. Our investigation, witness interviewing, analysis and verification were conducted around this version. 

According to local people, one day in September of 1958, a mass assembly was to be held near the Digan Temple in Tongde County to criticize and interrogate Khenchen Tsewang Rigdzin (Khenpo Chaiwan Runzheng). At that time, he was already in jail in the County Prison. Several small hills must be crossed from the prison to the site of the mass assembly. Several soldiers were escorting the Khenpo after taking him from the prison. Because of his handicap, the Khenpo was allowed to ride on the back of a red yak. When the group of five or six people were approaching their destination, an extremely strong and violent whirlwind (cyclone) suddenly took place. The wind was so strong that none of the soldiers could open their eyes. Their location at the time was close to the top of a hill, with a distance of several kilometers from the Digan Temple. After the wind had gone away, the soldiers started to look around. However, Khenchen Tsewang Rigdzin (Khenpo Chaiwan Runzheng) was no longer on the yak. Before starting the trip, to prevent an accident, the soldiers had tied the Khenpo tightly on the back of the yak with rope. All their efforts were proven to be in vain, because the Khenpo had flown into the sky, accompanied by several auspicious colored clouds. This event was witnessed by many people at the scene. 

3. My Investigation 

If you come to Tongde County and mention the name of Khenchen Tsewang Rigdzin (Khenpo Chaiwan Runzheng) to people, almost anyone will tell the above story to you in similar details. Even though the story is so commonly known, I still decided to do my investigation from the start. 

My first goal was to clarify the doubt many people may have. On the other hand, I wanted to have the facts recorded truthfully. I wished to find out: did people put their feelings into the story so the truth got covered by kind lies? Also, between legend and fact, to what degree and scope can the truth be re-manifested? 

The people I interviewed in my investigation included some who were escorting the Khenpo at the time; those who were near the location when the Khenpo was flying away, including some eye witnesses; and a number of people who listened to the entire story from eye witnesses. When putting their words into text, I wrote down exactly what they said almost without editing a word. My goal was to let the readers draw their own conclusions naturally, without being influenced by the subjective and, possibly, already fixed thinking in my mind. I believe that this style of truthfully presenting the original narration would be convincing to the readers. 

My first interview was with the elderly Zhimei, who is 77 years old now. 

He was a local shepherd in Tongde County. He told me: “On the day when Master Tsewang Rigdzin (Chaiwan Runzheng) was taken from the prison to the site of the mass meeting, I was watching cattle on one of the hills he must pass. I saw several soldiers passing by with the Master. They tied the Master onto the back of a red yak. When they went over the top of the hill, I was with the cattle half way on the hill. Then, I suddenly saw the Master, in monk’s clothing, started to ascend from the other side of the hill. At the beginning, he was flying up slowly. Eventually he disappeared into the clouds. Many people said that there was a strong swirling wind and auspicious colorful clouds appeared in the sky but I did not see those scenes. This may be because I was half way up this side of the hill, while the Master had already gone to the other side. All I saw was that the Master flew into the sky. I saw that with my own eyes. I was still young then with good eye sight. It would be impossible that what I saw was some illusion. Years later, the charges to those jailed in 1958 were dropped. The Master’s hometown Hongyuan also sent people to request the Master’s remains from Tongde County. I knew that they would not get them because the Master flew away into the sky. I saw that with my own eyes. I told this to my family members but I dare not to tell the people from Hongyuan. After all these years, now as an elderly person of almost 80 years old, I am telling this story again from my memory. Do you think I would fabricate it to deceive you? I absolutely do not have any false statement in it. I do not have any reason to lie on this. In general, there are two possible motives for one to lie. One is trying to reap benefits from doing so. The other is being forced to lie and under pressure. My situation has nothing to do with either of these. That’s why I can guarantee you that I did not make any false statement in what I said.” The elderly Zhimei was an eye witness of the event. 

The next person I met, Chongpeier, provided detailed collaborating materials in many aspects. Also, he was the most talkative person among those I interviewed. 

Chongpeier is over 60 now. He is a local resident and currently stays at home after retiring from his job. He was a middle-level cadre of Tongde County. He described to me, in great detail, what he learned on this event: “I remember that it was a day in October of 1988. I was the director of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce Management of Tongde County then. On that day, when it was near the end of workday, a Han (mandarin) person came to see me and invited me to have dinner with him. At the dinner table, he told me his purpose of looking for me. His name was Li Desheng and he was from the Shangchun Village of Huangzhong County in Qihai Province. He came to Tongde County to buy about 500 head of cattle and lambs from local people. He wanted to ask me a favor of collecting less taxes and fees from him. He told me that he knew many senior officials in Tongde County very well, but not me. I asked him where he had worked before. He said that he has been a soldier in the security force of Tongde County and had risen to the position of a squad leader. While we were enjoying wine and dining, he told me a miraculous experience of his that was beyond imagination: 

‘I saw a person who flew away in front of my own eyes. At that time, I and several soldiers of my squad were escorting that Lama from the prison to the mass meeting site near the Digan Temple. We tied him tightly onto the back of a yak and surrounded him as we were on our way. While we were climbing the hill and close to the top, he started to chant something that we could not understand. At the top of the hill, we ordered him to stop making the sound. Then we saw that the other side of the hill was flat land. Suddenly, many pieces of colored clouds flew over. The Lama got carried away by the clouds! 

Well, it was easy for him to get carried away by the clouds but we were left with the burden of reporting this event to the upper level. When I reported this to the county government, I was told that I did not accomplish my task and I had to write a report to repent myself. I did write that report of repentance.’ 

Li Desheng also told me that, after hearing this event, the Attorney General of the county was a little moved and said, ‘This is really very strange.’ Just for saying this, the Attorney General was removed from his position, because the higher level thought he was a superstitious person. Many people in Tongde County knew about the firing of the Attorney General from his job but they all speculated that it was due to some other fault he committed and did not know the real reason. Li Desheng mentioned that he told his parents about this and they held their palms together and respectfully said, ‘this person (Khenchen Tsewang Rigdzin) is great and incredible.’” 

Chongpeier added, “Normally he should be charged over 2000 Yuans of taxes and fees. For telling me this event, I only collected about 700 Yuans from him.” 

1-Wherever possible, the names and places listed here have been translated as they appeared in other Tibetan-English sources. The transliteration of these names from the original Chinese article are also provided in parentheses. 

2-Other accounts of this story indicate that Tsewang Rigdzin was a very big man, weighing over 330 pounds at the time of his leaving this world. It was not uncommon for people from this area to be over seven feet tall. 

3-In another account of this event, it was reported that after witnessing the lama flying away, several of the soldiers who had pointed their guns at the lama became devout Buddhist. Although that article has not been translated yet from the Chinese, I believe from oral accounts that it was written by one of these soldiers. 

This examples given were taken from an article written by the abbot of Shangdan Temple in Tongde County, Huangnan Region of Qinghai Province. Before 1958, Shangdan Temple had been the home base of Khenchen Tsewang Rigdzin (Khenpo Chaiwan Runzheng) for propagating the dharma and benefiting living beings. 


Top Twenty Cases of Human Levitation: Part One:


Real Miracles That Have Silenced Skeptics

The House of Kí 
The interesting thing is after replacing the window of the Virgin Mary, within a short time her image re appeared. It is still there till this day! I was blest to see it back in the 90’s while visiting. And now I live in that city. Still honored with the cross!

Three amazing saints who levitated - Fr. Mark Goring, CC


Gettysburg Cannons Ghost Video

This footage was featured on the TV show Paranormal Caught On Camera.

These kind of sightings and even video captures to some extent are commonplace at the battleground. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Ghost Caught On Camera!! The Devil's Tramping Ground North Carolina

Shelley S
This was just on that show Paranormal caught on Camera.

Shona Magouyrk Saffold
Yeah and those dumb idiots that said it was Sarah's vape! Piss me off, I want to talk to them 

IT AINT A DAMN VAPE,,U CAN SEE IT WALKING OR GLIDING(,like spirits do), away then disppeared 

I can't stand negative people, always wanting to debunk, if it looked like smoke I'd be the first one to say it,but I am a intuative medium, and I know that is a spirit

Editor's Note: On the show, attempts to debunk the video with a vape at the location failed majorly. Also, all the experts were impressed with the footage.

Devil's Tramping Ground

The video below offers more info on the barren location itself, which has proven to be a scientific mystery as to why nothing grows there. This in and of itself corroborates the validity of the ghost video. 

Randi + Pantry Ghost... Debunk? No! - Pantry Ghost ADDENDUM? MAYBE!

This is not a debunk. It's a theory and it's apparently contradicted by a skeptic who came to investigate the pantry (see second video). Furthermore, no actual evidence of the pantry being rigged is presented and paranormal experts on the TV show Paranormal Caught On Camera were impressed by the story and footage.

This follow up debunking attempt is better, but not ironclad.

AHEM...when they explore inside you see both sides of the pantry door, and their is only a ONE INCH space between walls and sight, at best. have you ever met a one inch wide girl? fetuses don't count btwl

Manny G 
I started believing this explanation until about 3:22. I mean come on... I'm pretty sure you would not be able to someone hiding right there. I guess they make these videos to make themselves sleep well at night.

This still doesn't explain how the door opens. A foot kick cant open a shut door

what about the orb in the original video? why didn't he say anything about that?

An0maly 82 
I like how you’re trying to debunk this video but there’s one key problem that nobody ever mentions. The orbs. Spirits come in shapes of orbs and they can manifest themselves into glass or water etc. Moments before he grab the door handle right before he grabbed it you can see the order fly out of the window revealing nothing. Another moment you can see in or fly into the glass window and then the spirit comes looking through the glass. As much as you would like to convince us this is fake it is not due to the orbs which are highly spiritually connected To manifest itself these were never once explained and they coincidentally show up and leave right before the ghost appears or when the guy opens the door. No they are not bugs no they are not flies of any sort they are spirit orbs you cannot convince me otherwise. I have seen far too many of these my entire life to know the difference

Rick Hanson 
sounds good but I like to see you reproduce the event/video in the real world as you suggest cuz this haunting (video) case/hoax is still pretty cool to watch. I mean reproduce it in the real world not just a hypothesis

I don't know, I tried this with a pantry of similar dimensions to kinda make fun, and no one could do it without knocking over a bunch of shit in the pantry ' 

CD said he debunked the pantry ghost videos but the videos debunk his theory. ...the first time he might have wanted to close it quickly and the second time he wanted to check if anything was out of place, the lack of noise debunks that so you haven't debunked this. ...fast drops on a wooden floor in a empty house where echoing and amplifying occurs will definitely speak louder than words ...the lack of noise... you would hear her whimpering in pain from the tight squeeze ...a child and in a ball... would struggle to get into such a small space and out of it. ...nothing he said proved a thing and some mabel/pantry ghost clips he hasn't debunked so we can't believe CD's debunking.