Monday, September 23, 2019

Magic path current challenge: conserve energy

Today move as relaxed as possible. Strain your muscles and make efforts only when you need. Choose the least energy-consuming movements. Pay attention to the energy level by the evening. ...He added that we all have a determined quantity of basic energy. That quantity is all the energy we have, and we use all of it for perceiving and dealing with our engulfing world. He repeated various times, to emphasize it, that there is no more energy for us anywhere and, since our available energy is already engaged, there is not a single bit left in us for any extraordinary perception, such as dreaming. "Where does that leave us?" I asked. "It leaves us to scrounge energy for ourselves, wherever we can find it," he replied. Don Juan explained that sorcerers have a scrounging method. They intelligently redeploy their energy by cutting down anything they consider superfluous in their lives. They call this method the sorcerers' way. C.Castaneda "The Art of Dreaming" Type: saving energy, stopping the internal dialogue Difficulty: low