Friday, October 31, 7000

Permanent Top Post - Must-See Information

Must-See Information

Potentially the Most Important Info You Will Ever Come Across... Or Maybe Not, But As the Boyscouts Say Always Be Prepared!

A quick intro good to the Soul Trap idea, how it relates to modern UFOs, and ghosts, and how to escape can be found in the first video, but is only the tip of the iceberg and much evidence and other escape strategies require a deep dive.

11:48 Ghosts 9:33 for Soul Trap related material.

I've researched the afterlife for nearly 10 years. I am convinced that Reptilian beings are REAL and that the tunnel of light that people see when they die is a trap.---A now deleted comment mentioned that perhaps one can only be trapped if their consciousness resonates at a low vibration like the reptilians. I think there is wisdom there!

Watch "The Matrix Reincarnation Soul Trap" on YouTube 

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Demon Jokes πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜œ

Why did the demon bring a ladder to the bar? To raise a little hell!

What’s a demon’s favorite type of music? Heavy metal or Lil Nas X if they're gay.

How do demons stay in shape? Exorcise.

Why did the demon get promoted? He was outstanding in his fiend.

What do you call a demon with a sweet tooth? A sugar fiend.

Why don’t demons play hide and seek? Because good luck hiding from a demon.

What’s a demon’s favorite game? Doom.

How do demons send mail? Via the hell-ivery service.

Why did the demon get a job at the bakery? He needed the dough.

How do demons relax? With a fiendish book.

What’s a demon’s favorite sport? Possession soccer.

Why did the demon take a day off? He needed to recharge his evil batteries.

What did the demon say to the scarecrow? "You’re a little stiff today."

Why do demons make terrible secretaries? They always raise hell with the filing.

What do you call a demon who loves jokes? A pun-isher.

Why did the demon go to school? To improve his spell-ing.

What’s a demon’s favorite subject in school? Occult-ure.

Why did the demon join the choir? He wanted to get in touch with his inner voice.

How do demons keep their hair in place? With scare-spray.

What do demons eat at a barbecue? Hell-fire grilled ribs.

Why do demons like summer? It’s their kind of heatwave.

What’s a demon’s favorite dessert? Devil’s food cake.

Why did the demon become a comedian? He loved to make people die laughing.

How do demons surf the web? With a fiendish browser.

What do you get when you cross a demon and a snowman? Frostbite.