Friday, April 24, 2015

Debunking Chris Hardwick on Ghosts

If life after death was real, Chris Hardwick is sure that it would make the news. (2:11)

Well Chris, since you mentioned CNN we'll start there.

CNN Reporter Attacked by Ghost Live On Air In... by DailyTrend

On to some other news outlets. Now, I consider myself a skeptically-minded paranormal investigator and thus skipped over a few news reports featuring purported evidence that I think is undoubtedly explainable via normal means. In other words, I've tried to be discerning with my video picks here. That said, I'm still not vouching for everything in these videos, but the the "news would report on it" talking point is moot. The '"no modern ghosts" argument is debunked by many reports also, for example these 9/11 family members