Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Magic path current challenge: compliments

Check if you know how to notice good features in others. Be sincere and do not restrain yourself: find something good in every person and pay a compliment to him or her. "The real challenge for those sorcerer seers," don Juan went on, "was finding a system of behavior that was neither petty nor capricious, but that combined the morality and the sense of beauty which differentiates sorcerer seers from plain witches." "...Anyone who succeeds in moving his assemblage point to a new position is a sorcerer," don Juan continued. "And from that new position, he can do all kinds of good and bad things to his fellow men. Being a sorcerer, therefore, can be like being a cobbler or a baker. The quest of sorcerer seers is to go beyond that stand. And to do that, they need morality and beauty." C.Castaneda "The Power of Silence" Type: losing self-importance Difficulty: low