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Wisdom on the Secrets of the Wheel of Karma and the Afterlife, Sins (and Heroism) of the Father, and Collective Racial Guilt...

I came to write this post, first after finding a WW2 tribute video (embeded slightly below) to my grandfather, who I essentially share the exact same name with, including my middle name.

Next, I saw a karmic discussion about "sins of the father" on the comment section of this...

Tom made my boyfriend cry!! Tom MacDonald - "WHITEBOY" reaction

This all then led me to this amazing piece of wisdom.

Sins of the Father, the Ghost in your Genes

Here's the aforementioned video showcasing one of my such ghosts and the inheritance wasn't sin from him, but rather heroism. A bit of a warrior's spirit I've been said to have, if you rather.

So all of this juxtaposed with other knowledge on these topics I've acquired, inspires me to say this... As it pertains to bad things having a karmic staining impact, it's best to remember we are witnessing spiritual evolution school in session. For individuals to criticize others for things such as slavery, the bigger lesson to be learned is that the wheel or karma will hit you in the ass if you misuse/disrespect it like that by abusing others on their journey. Familial karma is stronger than racial collective karma, so whites in general aren't very affected by the relevant stats and for those who are, they are far from karmically alone. Slavery is not a karmic stain that in any way is white owned.

"Here’s the thing… at the height of American slavery, which rested on African slavery—black Africans captured the blacks and sold them to the whites—at the height of American slavery about 1 to 2% of Americans owned slaves. 1 to 2 percent. Oh and by the way, some of those slave owners were blacks. One study has reported that 28% of free blacks owned slaves, far higher than the percentage of free whites who owned slaves."

Same goes for genocide stats in relation to whites and numbers of stacked dead bodies.

History, both past and recent, tells the same gory story of no group's hands being clean.

We are all in this karmic school together.

When one finds themselves directly tangled up with shameful history, their reaction matters, but equally important is the reaction of those negatively affected if and when they should meet. In these cases, the prior victims, get the chance to take the high road and burn off an extra helping of darkness from their soul. To put it another way, if you do no better in similar life situations than those that you speak ill of due to the past, then for you the past will essentially repeat/rhyme, except with you again at the losing end. What comes around goes around is common knowledge. The lesser known wisdom is that it then presents a chance for the cycle to be broken, or else it will continue to spin. The biggest secret on this overall subject is the imense power of being able to forgive yourself and all others, as well as choosing a life path focused on service to others vs service to self, fast tracks you to graduation! The spoon at that point appears to bend itself because of the mind bending realization that there is no spoon.

Simulation theory, BTW, isn't at all at odds with any of this theology. In fact, it can easily be seen as only a new spin on ancient descriptions of enlightenment. Furthermore, Gnostic Christianity and Buddhism themes, which nicely dovetail and compliment each other, are in fact pervasive throughout The Matrix movies. Even the mainstream of and less esoteric branches of these belief systems get along perfectly well together, suggesting some underlying universal truths are indeed being conveyed in slightly different ways. Here are two scholarly books supportive of that conclusion: 

The Good Heart: A Buddhist Perspective on the Teachings of Jesus - In this landmark book of interfaith dialogue, the Dalai Lama provides an extraordinary Buddhist perspective on the teachings of Jesus, commenting on well-known passages from the four Christian Gospels including the Sermon on the Mount, the parable of the mustard seed, the Resurrection, and others. Drawing parallels between Jesus and the Buddha--and the rich traditions from which they hail--His Holiness delivers a profound affirmation of the sacred in all religions. Readers will be inspired by the Dalai Lama's discussion of the endless merits of each tradition and uplifted by the common humanity between them. 

Rainbow Body and Resurrection: Spiritual Attainment, the Dissolution of the Material Body, and the Case of Khenpo A Chö - Francis V. Tiso, a noted authority on the rainbow body, explores this manifestation of spiritual realization in a wide-ranging and deeply informed study of the transformation of the material body into a body of light. Seeking evidence on the boundary between physical science and deep spirituality that might elucidate the resurrection of Jesus, he investigates the case of Khenpo A Chö, a Buddhist monk who died in eastern Tibet in 1999. Rainbow Body and Resurrection chronicles the dissolution of Khenpo's material body within a week of his death, including eye-witness interviews. Tiso describes the spiritual practices that give rise to the rainbow body and traces their history deep into the encounter of religions in medieval Central Asia. His erudite exploration of the Tibetan phenomenon raises the fascinating question of whether there is a connection between the rainbow body and the dying and rising of Jesus. Drawing on a wealth of recent research, Tiso expands his discussion to include the contemplative geography out of which Dzogchen arose some time in the eighth century along the great Silk Road across Central Asia. The result is an illuminating consideration of previously unimagined relationships between spiritual practices and beliefs in Central Asia.

This could all just be a game built for consciousness self-learning, contained in a simulation of biologically entity held conscioussness, further contained in a black cube floating somewhere out in deep space, or some such thing. OR less literally, it could basically be that same description, but is only simulation or dream-like when compared to a heavinly transcendent realm of reality. Karma, like the spoon in The Matrix, too ceases to exist when one's mind is expanded and is ready to let go of all emotional attachment to the lessons they've learned. You are a sovereign extension of source field consciousness creation energy. You have free will. Don't allow any tricksters to convince you otherwise. Stop the wheel. A rainbow body of light and endless potential awaits you.

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“Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.” – Mathew, 13.43:

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REAL Online Ouija Board

This page generates an interactive virtual ouija™ / oiuji / quija / weja board, also known as a talking or channeling board, which according to popular belief, facilitates communication with spirits. Unlike most examples of online talking boards, it records and displays the text spelled out by the motion of the pointer or planchette, without the operator having to click the mouse. The proportions of the board are set according to current screen resolution. In addition to on-screen operation, a printable layout is selectable, allowing instant creation of a physical board!