Friday, October 31, 7000

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Must-See Information

Potentially the Most Important Info You Will Ever Come Across... Or Maybe Not, But As the Boyscouts Say Always Be Prepared!

A quick intro good to the Soul Trap idea, how it relates to modern UFOs, and ghosts, and how to escape can be found in the first video, but is only the tip of the iceberg and much evidence and other escape strategies require a deep dive.

11:48 Ghosts 9:33 for Soul Trap related material.

I've researched the afterlife for nearly 10 years. I am convinced that Reptilian beings are REAL and that the tunnel of light that people see when they die is a trap.---A now deleted comment mentioned that perhaps one can only be trapped if their consciousness resonates at a low vibration like the reptilians. I think there is wisdom there!

Watch "The Matrix Reincarnation Soul Trap" on YouTube