Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Magic path current challenge: pauses between actions

Observe your routine operations during the day. Make pauses between actions, stop and stay for a while here and now before taking another task. Start it being totally focused and concentrated. Don Juan taught that inner silence must be gained by a consistent pressure of discipline. He said that it has to be accrued, or that it has to be stored, bit by bit, second by second. In other words, one has to force oneself to be silent, if it is only for a few seconds. Don Juan claimed that if one is persistent, persistence overcomes habit, and thus, one arrives at a threshold of accrued seconds or minutes, a threshold which varies from person to person. If, for instance, the threshold of inner silence is for any given individual, ten minutes, once this mark is reached, inner silence happens by itself, by its own accord, so to speak. C.Castaneda. "Silent Knowledge" Type: stopping the internal dialogue Difficulty: low