Friday, September 27, 2019

Magic path current challenge: minding phone addiction

During the day observe how much time you spend on the phone. Various applications that measure productivity, such as UBhind or QualityTime, can help. At the end of the day check to see if the results match the ones you expected. He pointed at the mountain range east of the small valley where the town is located. "There is enough glitter in those mountains to jolt your assemblage point,” he said to me. "Just before the sun goes down behind the western peaks, you will have a few moments to catch all the glitter you need. The magic key that opens the earth’s doors is made of internal silence plus anything that shines.” "What exactly should I do, don Juan?” I asked. Both of them examined me. I thought I saw in their eyes a mixture of curiosity and revulsion. "Just cut off the internal dialogue,” don Juan said to me. C.Castaneda "The Fire From Within" Type: stopping the internal dialogue, saving energy Difficulty: low