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Australian Government Sanctioned Paranormal Investigation Finds Video Proof of the Existence of Grey Aliens

UFOs & Anomalies / Apparition or ET?

DATESaturday - January 5, 2019HOSTJimmy ChurchGUESTSTyler GlocknerChad Calek

Tyler Glockner runs the popular Secureteam YouTube channel, which delves into UFOs, Martian anomalies, and other weird and mysterious phenomena. He joined guest host Jimmy Church (Twitter) to discuss his channel, how he chooses videos, and what footage has blown him away.
Followed by filmmaker Chad Calek, whose 2017 paranormal documentary SIR NOFACE featured footage of a full-body apparition. While many agreed that an apparition was caught on film, a substantial percentage of viewers began to claim that the entity was not an apparition, but a misidentified ET commonly referred to as a 'Grey.' Calek returned to discuss his latest film, TWO FACE: THE GREY, which examines what he believes was captured in the original footage.




In 2017, Award-Winning Filmmaker Chad Calek announced via social media that his forthcoming paranormal documentary, titled SIR NOFACE, would feature footage of an authentic full-body apparition that would definitively prove the existence of ghosts. The full-body apparition footage that Calek was referring to was filmed by Australian paranormal investigator Craig Powell and his W.S.P.R. team during the only paranormal investigation in history to be officially sanctioned by the Australian Government.
Fully aware that bold claims are typically met with harsh criticism, SIR NOFACE was released in March of 2018 to a swell of positive reviews that exceeded even Calek's expectations. But while many agreed that Powell and W.S.P.R. had indeed captured an apparition on film, a substantial percentage of SIR NOFACE viewers immediately began to claim that the entity in Powell's footage was not an apparition, but a misidentified extraterrestrial life form commonly referred to as a alien "Grey".
As crazy as this may sound to some, Calek and Powell had privately expected this response, as what the public didn't know at that point, is that both Calek and Powell had been intimidated into secrecy after each experienced separate threatening encounters with mysterious individuals that suggested not only the potential of extraterrestrial involvement on a government scale, but that Calek and Powell's movements, along with the progress of the SIR NOFACE documentary, were being closely monitored.
Due to the anxiety created by these bizarre encounters, which was only compounded by Calek's uncertainty as to the potential size and "scope" of the situation that he unexpectedly found himself in, when it came to the focus of the SIR NOFACE documentary, rather than jumping head first into a newly opened extraterrestrial rabbit hole that he feared, Calek chose to focus on what he could prove, as SIR NOFACE was released without a single mention of anything extraterrestrial-related.
But this wasn't an accident, as if Calek had learned anything throughout his career as a documentary filmmaker, it's that when it comes to discovering the truth of any situation, one's most valuable asset... is time.
Backed by the support of public awareness and the groundswell of curiosity provided by the ever-expanding base of SIR NOFACE viewers who continue to suggest that the entity in the W.S.P.R. footage is not an apparition, but rather an alien "Grey", in the months after the release of SIR NOFACE, with Powell's support, Calek devised a plan to properly re-open the only paranormal investigation in history to be officially sanctioned by the Australian Government, with a focus on the extraterrestrial aspects of the case... regardless of where their research may take them.
As the real life continuation of the most compelling paranormal case in history, TWO FACE: THE GREY is the documented true story of Calek and Powell's incredible journey of re-discovery, which reveals countless pieces to a highly complex puzzle that were hidden in plain sight since the very beginning. A puzzle that when fully assembled reveals a shocking image, that if real, has global implications that both Calek and Powell could have never possibly imagined.


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Occult Literature 168: Materialized Apparitions


Occult Literature 168: Materialized Apparitions


This is a selected list of peer-reviewed journal articles about psi (psychic) phenomena, most published in the 21st century. There are also some papers of historical interest and other resources... http://mindtreasury.blogspot.com/2018/01/selected-psi-research-publications.html

Occult Literature 166: Ghostly Phenomena

Occult Literature 166: Ghostly Phenomena