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Jordan Maxwell - Remembering Jordan Maxwell And What He Meant To Me - TruthSeekah

Such an honor to have the late great Jordan Maxwell be able to write the foreword to my book Spirit Realm. His legacy will live on forever through all of the lives that he impacted and also the lives that they / we continue to impact. SEEK TRUTH.



Rest In Peace Jordan Maxwell---Tribute

Jordan Maxwell - Remembering Jordan Maxwell And What He Meant To Me - TruthSeekah

True vs False Skepticism

The TAPS Team Investigates The Phillip Williams House | Ghost Hunters | discovery+

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Bad Religion- Athiest Peace Lyrics---The second nicest atheist I ever met next to my good friend Adam Taylor is the singer to Bad Religion... Atheist Peace? I'm All in on Any Piece of Peace We Humans Can Find!

The afterlife may not necessitate a God and Adam agrees the paranormal/supernatural may well exist, but a lack hierarchy in such a realm sounds like straight malarkey ya Biden votin' fool. Love you!

Bryson Gray - Make Jesus Trend (Ft. @Tyson James ) [MUSIC VIDEO]


JESUS Is Appearing To MANY In The NEW AGE Community! — God Is Waking Up His Mystics! — Indigo Moon

JESUS Is Appearing To MANY In The NEW AGE Community! — God Is Waking Up His Mystics! — Indigo Moon



As Jordan Maxwell said, trust truth seekers, but not those who say they've found it. Jordan famously was featured in the atheistic film Zeitgeist, but make no mistake, he was a deeply spiritual man. In the following program he is featured with the host and his friend Jonny Enoch. Many of the ideas from Zeitgeist are explored and verified in the show, but the deeply spiritual underpinnings are where "Mystery Teachings Special" and the work of Maxwell diverge from Zeitgeist. RIP

I highly recommend this series (watch for free with a one week trial), but especially these two episodes outlined below. The first of which I posted below mentions Maxwell and how he and Enoch would always say an Egyptian prayer about the divinity (sentient nature) and spiritual mystery of the sun when visiting a theosophical library together. There is a reason Tibetan Buddhist monks engage in safe sun gazing techniques. I myself had a deeply spiritual and paranormal experience while doing so. There are also good reasons why sun worship has been so prevalent throughout history, beyond the good reasons once outlined by the comic genius George Carlin. The belief that the sun acts as a portal for higher intelligences and is responsible for aspects of their angelic descriptions is covered in episode 9 (again listed first below) as well as many more reasons why sun worship and astrotheology have their hidden hand in so many religious texts. The esoteric side of things oft omitted from canonical texts that many times speaks to divinity on earth even more so than the dogmatic material of the masses is also brilliantly covered and much more...

Mysteries of Solar Symbolism
Mystery Teachings Special with Jonny Enoch
S1:Ep928 mins

The very fabric of our modern civilization is encoded with countless examples of solar worship. The sun played a vital role in almost every major religion and sacred tradition throughout human history, tying epochs and beliefs of the past to the present.

Noting the sun's alignment with different ancient structures and temples, esoteric researcher Jonny Enoch explains how humanity remains tied to these ancient traditions through words such as “hours” and “amen” which relate back to Horus and Amun-Ra. Stretching across time from ancient Egypt and the origins of humanity, to mystery schools of the Renaissance and later eras, solar traditions and clues left behind connect many civilizations and beliefs.

Instructor/Host: Jonny Enoch
Video Language: English

Cyclical Experiences of Souls
Mystery Teachings Special with Jonny Enoch
S1:Ep325 mins

Could new scientific studies and empirical data prove the reality of our past lives? Esoteric researcher Jonny Enoch connects real world experiences, history, science, and the religions of the world to explore the mysteries of reincarnation, past lives, and the wheel of samsara. From child prodigies to epigenetics, Enoch cites studies finding that the phenomenon of individuals remembering past lives is far more widespread than originally thought. Thousands around the globe have remembered specific memories of their past lives, and even the details of their deaths. Learn more about the secrets of our souls through first-hand accounts of the beyond.

Instructor/Host: Jonny Enoch
Video Language: English

Monday, March 21, 2022

Ghost of father on porch swing - security camera footage


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Ghosts showing up in and TAKING selfies!

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Look closely! Security guard sees a ghost - Ghost Feels comfortable around Security guard, But the Guard Don't think that!


A false flag from one of two dictators, but which one?