Thursday, June 25, 2015

A 'Debunking Death Blog' Visitor's Amazing Astral Projection Story

When I was in my late 20’s, my father was in a Veterans’ hospital dying of cancer.  He and my mother had been divorced since I was very young and I had never felt as though I knew him very well but had only recently reestablished a visiting relationship with him shortly before he received his terminal prognosis of colon/rectal cancer.  I didn’t want him to die and leave me again but he was suffering so much pain and mental anguish that I decided it was unfair and selfish of me to want to him to stay alive and had made the decision to pray for his death and an end to his suffering.  I really wanted him to know that I did love him and that it was okay for him to quit fighting and leave this world, however, he had already been on a large dose of morphine and at times wasn’t aware of his surroundings.  I was looking at a book one evening which talked about how to do transcendental meditation and how you could travel to visit people and places mentally.  I decided to give it a try, never expecting any positive results. 

I was laying on my couch while my children and husband were occupied with their own endeavors of playing and TV and I just closed my eyes and proceeded to do what the book suggested.  I imagined each step of the journey to reach the hospital where dad was a patient.  It was raining so I saw myself, in my mind’s eye, going to the coat closet and donning my rain slicker and grabbing an umbrella.  I mentally went to the car, feeling the cool rain hit my exposed skin.  I saw the rain on the windshield of my car and saw and heard the wipers clearing the windshield.  I heard the gravel of the tires on the driveway as I pulled out and saw myself driving the entire trip, first on a rural road, then on the Interstate and finally pulling up at the hospital.  It was late evening and I saw the hospital for the first time at night and how the lights glowed from the windows.  I parked the car, got my umbrella and walked up the wet sidewalk.  Once inside the hospital I saw the dimly lit rooms and the nurses working in hushed tones on their daily paperwork at their stations and heard the various machines running in the patient rooms.  I even smelled the typical sick ward smells.  I walked into my father’s dimly lit room and he had his eyes open looking at me.  I proceeded to tell him I wanted him to know I loved him deeply but that it was okay for him to let go and leave this world. 

My thoughts were interrupted by one of the kids and I opened my eyes feeling very relaxed but convinced that the experiment I had just performed would have no effect. 

However, when I went to visit my father the following day, a Wednesday, which was my usual visitation day he looked at me when I walked in his room and said “What are you doing here today”?  I explained that it was Wednesday and my normal visit day.  My dad went on to say that I had just been there last night.  I told him I hadn’t been there since last week at which point he became very agitated and angry and said “Dammit don’t tell me you weren’t here last night.   I saw you standing right at the foot of my bed!”

- Kim Rumbarger, Pulaski, PA


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