Saturday, September 18, 2021

Jesus statue moves its head during Catholic mass in Mexico

Michael B 1 week ago (edited) I love that everyone thinks they’re the smartest kid in the room by pointing out how it could be gravity lol Right, gravity is at play and there’s probably some damage to the plaster you can find if you examine after the fact. But I’ve also been around plenty of freakin statues & never once been lucky enough to witness them coming just loose enough to move one part - the head - very slightly, but not enough to fall or continue cracking slowly and become decapitated in a few hours or weeks. Let’s say this church has daily mass 7 days/week, this rare event occurred during the 1/24 of the time it would have an audience. It also occurred during the, what, 1-2 minutes of the service that the priest stands directly next to the statue while facing away. So that’s 1/30-1/60ish. So like a 1/720 - 1/1440 chance of that happening at that time? That’s without having any way of knowing the odds of the event occurring in the first place, especially in the way that it did! I mean yeah it could easily be a coincidence, there’s no special merit in figuring that out, but there’s no doubt that to just de facto assume that it can’t be anything but isn’t some intellectually rigorous analysis, it’s just motivated reasoning that gets a free pass because skeptics = super special awesome in 2021.

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