Friday, February 28, 2014

Shared Death Experiences

‘Shared Death Study’ is the global shared death experience research study and story repository.  Shared death experiences (SDEs), are common death-bed visions and near-death experiences that family, friends and caregivers witness along with a person who is dying, as they pass, ‘temporarily’ or ‘permanently’  from this life to the next.  Some commonly reported shared death experiences typically include one or more of the following:
  • Room shape changes
  • Bystander(s) views mist rising from dying person’s body
  • Dying person telepathically communicates with bystander(s)
  • Bystander(s) leaves their body
  • Bystander(s) engulfed by intensely bright light that feels like absolute love.
  • Life review about dying person, the bystander(s) or both.
  • Bystander(s) accompanies the dying person through a tunnel to ‘heaven’.
  • Bystander(s) view or are otherwise aware of deceased relatives and friends in the room of dying person.

Today in the first hour of the show [BELOW] (part 1) KG speaks with Dr. Raymond Moody, author of the Classic Bestseller "Life After Life" now in its 25th anniversary edition. Considered to be the world's leading authority in the field of near-death experiences Dr. Moody talks about the newest findings in the field of Near Death studies, including "Shared Death Experiences."

To learn more about Dr Moody and his fascinating work on death and dying please visit his website:


For the hardcore skeptics and cynics out there, Dr Raymond Moody's book doesn't contain any scientific data that can be tested in a laboratory. If you are looking for that type of evidence, then you will be wasting your time with this book. What it does contain however is case after case of subjects who experienced a non traditional NDE.

While the evidence presented is anecdotal in nature, it's hard to ignore it when so many of the experiences are similar and the stories are told with such emotion and detail.

Shared Death Experience

A shared death experience(also known as Group NDE), is a paranormal phenomenon where 2 more more people experience an NDE at the same time and often the same place.

Shared death experiences are much more rarer than the usual NDE associated with death, however, they are much more powerful.

Unless one is implying that the subject is lying or hallucinating, it would be near impossible for a skeptic to refute a shared death experience.


Glimpses of Eternity with Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. John Turner


The site has an "Index of Scientific Evidence Supporting NDEs and the Afterlifele," containing 52 pieces of evidence linked to source material for each one listed. Here is that list preserved here in the event that site ever goes defunct.