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Recommended Reading: The Complete Guide to Bible Prophecy

Essential for those of you out there who get sick of hearing end times prophecies. This book examines all sides of the issue, but in my opinion it is clear from examining the text that The Book of Revelation is about the past, not the future.

Wondering if the end of the world is near? Check out The Complete Guide to Bible Prophecy for a fair and thoughtful review of various end-time theories. From Stephen M. Miller bestselling author of Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible, this guide introduces readers to all aspects of prophecy—from Old Testament predictions made and already fulfilled to end-times prophecies of events yet to come. Written in Miller’s casual, balanced, journalistic style, this book is a fascinating survey of mysterious biblical passages and their various interpretations. Lavishly illustrated, with gorgeous charts and graphics, The Complete Guide to Bible Prophecy will help you sort out the truth on this vital topic.

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Tucker: An Iran war would destroy Trump's presidency - Tucker Carlson Warns: ‘Gulf Of Tonkin Incident’ Could Be Staged To Get U.S. Into War With Iran

Tucker: An Iran war would destroy Trump's presidency - Tucker Carlson Warns: ‘Gulf Of Tonkin Incident’ Could Be Staged To Get U.S. Into War With Iran


The Gulf of Tonkin Incident

The American commitment to the war against Vietnam, which killed over 50,000 U.S. military personnel, and probably over 2 million Vietnamese civilians, was cemented by an incident that appears to involve more fiction than fact.
In the Gulf of Tonkin incident, North Vietnamese torpedo boats supposedly attacked the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin, off Vietnam, in a pair of assaults on August 2 and 4 of 1964. It was the basis for the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which committed major American forces to the war in Vietnam. The resolution passed the House of Representatives unanimously, and passed in the Senate with only two dissenting votes.
In retrospect it is clear that the alleged attack was little more than a transparent pretext for war, delivered in a one-two punch. First, media descriptions of the August 2nd attack as an "unprovoked attack" against a U.S. destroyer on "routine patrol" hid the fact that the Maddox was providing support for South Vietnamese military operations against the North. Second, the alleged August 4th attack appears to be a fabrication, official accounts attributing the "error" to confusion.
s u m m a r y
title: Gulf of Tonkin Incident
On August 4, a new DESOTO patrol to North Vietnam coast was launched by Maddox and the C. Turner Joy. The latter got radar signals that they believed to be another attack by the North Vietnamese. For some two hours the ships fired on radar targets and maneuvered vigorously amid electronic and visual reports of torpedoes. It is highly unlikely that any North Vietnamese forces were actually in the area during this gunfight. Captain John J. Herrick even admitted that it was nothing more than an "overeager sonarman" who "was hearing ship's own propeller beat." Also in 1995, General Vo Nguyen Giap, commander-in-chief of North Vietnamese forces at the time, disavowed any involvement with the August 4 incident, though he did confirm the August 2 attack.

National Security Agency Publishes Long-Secret Documents

On December 1, 2005, the National Security Agency released hundreds of pages of previously-classified documents relating to the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident. The collection included a 2001 article by agency historian Robert J. Hanyok, which examines numerous reports indicating that the alleged attack never happened.
e x c e r p t
title: Vietnam War Intelligence 'Deliberately Skewed,' Secret Study Says
authors: Scott Shane

Vietnam War Intelligence 'Deliberately Skewed,' Secret Study Says

In his 2001 article, an elaborate piece of detective work, Mr. Hanyok wrote that 90 percent of the intercepts of North Vietnamese communications relevant to the supposed Aug. 4, 1964, attack were omitted from the major agency documents going to policy makers.
"The overwhelming body of reports, if used, would have told the story that no attack had happened," he wrote. "So a conscious effort ensued to demonstrate that an attack occurred."
Edwin E. Moïse, a historian at Clemson University who wrote a book on the Gulf of Tonkin incident, said the agency did the right thing in making public Mr. Hanyok's damning case. "A lot of people at the agency haven't been happy that communications intelligence was used to support a wrong conclusion," he said.

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AboxofMonsters: Missing 411 phenomenon? ( I have the answers New updates late spring 2018 watch ! New Vid coming )

AboxofMonsters: Missing 411 phenomenon? ( I have the answers New updates late spring 2018 watch ! New Vid coming )

Nostalgic Zone
I can't get enough of this subject. What you experienced is exactly what I believe is happening to these people. Some being is drawing in these people by some means of control, perhaps even a drug. This explains the strange behavior people report prior to many of these disappearances. Look at Lars Mittank, Brandon Swanson, Brian Shaffer, Corrie McKeague and Elisa Lamb...just a few more well known cases that reflect a lot of this phenomenon. Great video.


David Paulides Very Strange Cases of Urban Disappearances - David Paulides Missing 411 Mysterious Disappearing Hunters:

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