Tuesday, February 16, 2021

UNDEBUNKABLE Poltergeist Video! Ghost in Iraq - poltergeist caught on camera, (By A soldier in Iraq)

The experts on the TV show Paranormal Caught On Camera were very impressed, as am I, and most viewers of it online! There is no apparent evidence of fakery. Furthermore, this is a very credible witness who adamantly stands by his story. The video was captured in a war zone for heaven's sake! Not the type of place one would think of faking paranormal videos would be high on an individual's priority list. Many believe this soldier encountered a Djinn due to his location (See the last video below).

Steven Crane
Okay, so to answer all the questions being asked here.... Yes my video is real. I was deployed in 2010 in Tallil Iraq (COB ADDER) it was the middle of the night roughly around 3am or so, and I was making a video for my wife and family back home to let them know that they have been on my mind and were truely missed. During this process, I heard a soft whisper in my left ear, (I didnt even know the blanket had moved until I watch the video) when I turned towards the whisper, the locker in my CHU flung open, and scared me shit-less! BUT, I was deployed with multiple soldiers who would enjoy a prank, so of course I was sceptical. I chose to investigate my room and find a logical explanation for the events that had just taken place. I was unable to find ANYONE or anything in my room until I turned back towards my computer. What I seen was a shadowy figure with a light glow around the edges in the corner of my room. I couldn't tell you what it was, because it was not in human form or anything that I could make out. But, as you can see I didnt stay around long enough to try and figure out what shape or silhouette was floating in the corner of my CHU. I bolted and demanded a different CHU after showing off the video to my SFC. I never had another experience like that again while deployed over seas, but some strange events have occurred back home once I returned state side....

Backup Video:

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