Monday, February 8, 2021

Poltergeist ghost pulls woman in office chair

it's a prank look at the bottom leg, a fishing line could pull the leg, notice it pulls straight backward the point of the tug it directs the leg in the direction of the tug which is directly behind the chair... bud ekins 7 months ago You can't actually see the potential fishing line though. . 

Fishing line? I think the shadowy figure behind the chair would be offended. LOL!

LMmccallL57 @jrag1000 
Before recording and editing were huge, people had to rely on being trusted with the experience they told about. Now, you can have recorded proof, and someone will still tear down your facts. These days, I can agree that many people are using hoaxes to become noticed, but as for the theory, I don't try to add anything extra in my thoughts to make it so, I try to look for signs that it's not real, if I get that feeling. If I don't, and also don't find anything after researching, I move on. I use my own experiences, if similar, and I also go with things like God's work that no human can fake. I have caught ghosts on camera and have considered submitting to PCOC, but if I did, it would be anonymously. I have family members who've seen the footage, so I'm not worried about them. I just don't want strangers calling me a liar, saying it's edited, fake, etc. :( With today's technology, you may win or lose, but with so many skeptics, it's very easy to lose. People would want me to prove my footage, but all I have is a video, and the story of what happened while at the location. Oh, well.