Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Randi + Pantry Ghost... Debunk? No! - Pantry Ghost ADDENDUM? MAYBE!

This is not a debunk. It's a theory and it's apparently contradicted by a skeptic who came to investigate the pantry (see second video). Furthermore, no actual evidence of the pantry being rigged is presented and paranormal experts on the TV show Paranormal Caught On Camera were impressed by the story and footage.

This follow up debunking attempt is better, but not ironclad.

AHEM...when they explore inside you see both sides of the pantry door, and their is only a ONE INCH space between walls and sight, at best. have you ever met a one inch wide girl? fetuses don't count btwl

Manny G 
I started believing this explanation until about 3:22. I mean come on... I'm pretty sure you would not be able to someone hiding right there. I guess they make these videos to make themselves sleep well at night.

This still doesn't explain how the door opens. A foot kick cant open a shut door

what about the orb in the original video? why didn't he say anything about that?

An0maly 82 
I like how you’re trying to debunk this video but there’s one key problem that nobody ever mentions. The orbs. Spirits come in shapes of orbs and they can manifest themselves into glass or water etc. Moments before he grab the door handle right before he grabbed it you can see the order fly out of the window revealing nothing. Another moment you can see in or fly into the glass window and then the spirit comes looking through the glass. As much as you would like to convince us this is fake it is not due to the orbs which are highly spiritually connected To manifest itself these were never once explained and they coincidentally show up and leave right before the ghost appears or when the guy opens the door. No they are not bugs no they are not flies of any sort they are spirit orbs you cannot convince me otherwise. I have seen far too many of these my entire life to know the difference

Rick Hanson 
sounds good but I like to see you reproduce the event/video in the real world as you suggest cuz this haunting (video) case/hoax is still pretty cool to watch. I mean reproduce it in the real world not just a hypothesis

I don't know, I tried this with a pantry of similar dimensions to kinda make fun, and no one could do it without knocking over a bunch of shit in the pantry ' 

CD said he debunked the pantry ghost videos but the videos debunk his theory. ...the first time he might have wanted to close it quickly and the second time he wanted to check if anything was out of place, the lack of noise debunks that so you haven't debunked this. drops on a wooden floor in a empty house where echoing and amplifying occurs will definitely speak louder than words ...the lack of noise... you would hear her whimpering in pain from the tight squeeze ...a child and in a ball... would struggle to get into such a small space and out of it. ...nothing he said proved a thing and some mabel/pantry ghost clips he hasn't debunked so we can't believe CD's debunking.