Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Ghost Hunting For Beginners Part 1-3: Understanding The Basics


In part 1 of this course, you will learn to tell the difference between the many types of entities you may come across, How to identify them, as well as understand the many ways these beings can hurt us

If you’re just starting out, this will ensure you set yourself up for success right from the beginning. If you already have some level of experience, you’ll learn why they may not be doing well, or confirm why you are having better luck than most with paranormal encounters!

Let's begin our journey with these guides so that you have a proper understanding with ghosts before heading out to find one:Once you've read these articles and have a general understanding of what you will be hunting, proceed to part 2 below!
In part 2 of this course, you will need to grab some gear! There are tons of equipment on the market so I will sort things out from the least expensive items to the more heavy duty stuff.

Technology has come along ways in the ghost hunting community. The development of mobile devices has made it possible to do almost everything from our phone or tablets in the form of apps. Ghost hunting apps are software versions of some of the more popular ghost hunting gear available.

If you are just starting out, I'd recommend small investments with applications first and than move up to the premium equipment better suited for the more experienced.

Heres a list of essential guides to follow in order to understand what items you should be looking to collect before heading out on your paranormal expedition:
Once you've read these articles and have a general understanding of what you will need to have, proceed to part 3 below!
In part 3 of this course, you are ready to head out and find some ghosts! This part of the course will provide tips on where to look, what to for and how to find ghosts...

Supernatural beings can be very tricky to work with. Investigating will require patience and a strong sense of focus. I will list a few solid reference guides to assist you while you are out on an investigation:
Now that you have a complete understanding of how the ghost hunting operation works, get out there and make me proud! Feel free to save this mini-course to use as a reference to come back to while you develop your skillset. 

We will be in touch... Happy hunting my friend,

Hunter signing out!