Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Ghost Caught On Camera!! The Devil's Tramping Ground North Carolina

Shelley S
This was just on that show Paranormal caught on Camera.

Shona Magouyrk Saffold
Yeah and those dumb idiots that said it was Sarah's vape! Piss me off, I want to talk to them 

IT AINT A DAMN VAPE,,U CAN SEE IT WALKING OR GLIDING(,like spirits do), away then disppeared 

I can't stand negative people, always wanting to debunk, if it looked like smoke I'd be the first one to say it,but I am a intuative medium, and I know that is a spirit

Editor's Note: On the show, attempts to debunk the video with a vape at the location failed majorly. Also, all the experts were impressed with the footage.

Devil's Tramping Ground

The video below offers more info on the barren location itself, which has proven to be a scientific mystery as to why nothing grows there. This in and of itself corroborates the validity of the ghost video.