Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Paranormal Review Radio - Believers & Skeptics Roundtable Discussion

Zar Doz:  
Guy Harrison, consciously aware or not, is exhibiting the same hypocritical self-validating logic debunkers, not skeptics, project. The basic axiom of skepticism is; open mind, suspend judgement, & investigate. Debunkers, admittedly or not, claim the "truth" position by default & any paranormal event must conform to their debunker worldview rules or "it's not real", which he implies @09:30 to 10:20. He touts the "I don't know" ideal, but he's quick to tell you what you did or didn't experience.
There is no such thing as an "extraordinary claim", therefore there is no "extraordinary evidence." This is nonsense. There is a claim and the evidence that validates it. Also, UFOs or unidentified flying objects do not require a "belief", since this is a description, so the need for "belief' is ridiculous. Debunkers or pathological skeptics have been taught to use this language, which allows them to control the words, thus the conversation. This is a type of neural linguistic programming (NLP).
Starting @0:45:45 what's being heard in Harrison's voice and the nervous laughter is the figurative intellectual rug being pulled out from underneath his pathological skepticism by Rob Henry's previous statement. Because Rob Henry is a skeptic. The roles are clear and defined @0:46:30 by Harrison with his own words again. The behavior he states is denial a.k.a. Cognitive Dissonance. Where's the open mind, suspension of judgement, and investigation? No where He already knows what it isn't? How?
 @0:47:15 Harrison suggest a "mass sighting of ghost" might do the trick to convince him. Well, literally multiple millions for decades and likely centuries have observed and reported UFOs individually and in mass, but this is ignored. People, like Harrison, who claim to be "skeptics", champion science, and "truth", do no such thing. They live in a constructed and defined reality, an imaginary mental prison of their own making where they view the world through a small group validated pinhole. 
Harrison validates my assessment with his own words. For example, take note of his condescending language and inflection, he's talking down to the panel, it's obvious. His example of a "noise from the hall way" is not only dismissive to the panel, but of the Scientific Method that paranormal investigators painstakingly collect with devices that measure the environment that can also be used to repeat and validate. But, of course, debunkers never bother with field work, they already "know".