Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Near-Death Experiences: Evidence Of Life After Death Video Playlist


This playlist of videos related to Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) compliments my "Ultimate Collection of Reincarnation Videos" playlist. Both are devoted to showing the evident reality of our existence in stark contrast to the popular scientific and religious worldviews that dominate contemporary thought in this day and age.

The truth is most likely that mind is primary (creator), matter is secondary (created). That which is "I", i.e., our conscious being, is involved in the Creation. "I" is the animator, not the animated....the chooser, not the is the energy of God....and can be neither created nor destroyed. That's why our consciousness is always now....guiding the universe between the created past and uncreated future. In this sense, the whole universe is conscious, intelligent and alive at every given moment of existence. The past is dead, it is already written....nothing but a "memory". The future is ours to choose. What do we want to remember? Maybe the meaning of life is making life meaningful...