Saturday, April 11, 2015

Movie: 'Lucy' Decoded

Luc Besson on Lucy and Knowing the Limits of the Human Brain
The 10 percent is a metaphor in a way. So that’s why I was not bothered by that. I’m always amazed by these people who become scientists at the last minute and go, “This is wrong!” Of course; it’s a film. [Laughs.] What’s more interesting — more than the 10 percent or the 15 percent — is that if we get the capacity of full intelligence, in the film, we say that the first step is the control of the cell, the second step is the control of others, the third is the control of matter, and the fourth is the control of time. And I talked to a lot of scientists, and they believe that at least the first three are possible. They don’t say it’s true, but it’s at least logical. The good thing is when you take a lot of things that are totally right and mix them very well with a few things that are wrong, at the end of the film, you think everything is real. And that’s the magic of film.

The movie title "Lucy" has nothing to do with "Lucifer" it is named Lucy because the supposed evolutionary link between ape and man (or australopithecus and man) was named "Lucy"...thus, this movie is not about what will be offered to people by the man of lawlessness, but is the esoteric Aquarian theosophy that man has entered a new age (Aquarian) and is on the threshold of a new evolutionary step (becoming gods) and so the movie is titled "Lucy" because it is about the next "Lucy" or evolutionary step for mankind, instead of ape to man, it is now man to gods. Principally about an expansion of consciousness which happened for australopithecus in becoming man, now man's consciousness is about to expand even greater into "Christ Consciousness".
Rainbow Body-like Experiences in Fiction

Lucy Movie Review— If you had the means to use more than 10 percent of your brain, but it meant changing your diet— would you do it? When I am on the "Raw Food Diet" my brain is more creative, clear, able to focus and happier. As my cells become cleaner from daily toxins, I experience a higher functioning brain. I also avoid fluoride, which is said to cause foggy brain and I drink a half a gallon of distilled water a day. But, the key to my brain power is my raw food diet.

The raw food diet is similar to the "blue drugs" that Scarlett Johansson get's exposed to. Live Food is packed with "Enzymes". Cooked foods kill the natural enzymes. Our brains thrive on nutrients and minerals from live organic produce.

I also loved how the alcohol was used in the film "Lucy.".…Scarlett's cells in the film are replicating at a rapid speed as her brain is using more of it's capacity. Normally, the toxins that we are exposed to in life have a slow response to long term damage, but not in the film. Everything is happening at a rapid speed, showing how when you expose cells to toxic conditions, the result in decay. Yet, when you expose cells to an ideal environment they become immortal, like the jelly fish. Or live springing up from life.

As Lucy reaches 100 percent usage of her brain, she explodes like a monk, in what is known as "rainbow body" becoming one with everything (unseen). Lucy joins the whole, the invisible unknown reality of all consciousness, which is alive and expanding.

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