Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Magic path current challenge: observation of passers by

Find a crowded place and watch the passers-by. Stand aside, step away from the flow of people and feel how passers-by are absorbed by themselves, their thoughts and concerns and notice nothing around them.

"Well, look around. People are busy doing that which people do. Those are their shields. Whenever a sorcerer has an encounter with any of those inexplicable and unbending forces we have talked about, his gap opens, making him more susceptible to his death than he ordinarily is; I've told you that we die through that gap, therefore if it is open one should have his will ready to fill it; that is, if one is a warrior. If one is not a warrior, like yourself, then one has no other recourse but to use the activities of daily life to take one's mind away from the fright of the encounter and thus to allow one's gap to close."

C.Castaneda "A Separate Reality"

Type: stopping the internal dialogue

Difficulty: low