Friday, November 1, 2019

Magic path current challenge: teachers

What are you studying at the moment? Who are your personal teachers? Nature, people, objects, feelings, situations; every step is a lesson, every look is history. Observe how much information passes through you and how much of this can be useful to you.  

When a man starts to learn, he is never clear about his objectives. His purpose is faulty; his intent is vague. He hopes for rewards that will never materialize, for he knows nothing of the hardships of learning. 'He slowly begins to learn - bit by bit at first, then in big chunks. And his thoughts soon clash. What he learns is never what he pictured, or imagined, and so he begins to be afraid. Learning is never what one expects. Every step of learning is a new task, and the fear the man is experiencing begins to mount mercilessly, unyieldingly. His purpose becomes a battlefield.

C. Castaneda "The Teachings of Don Juan"

Type: stopping the internal dialogue

Difficulty: low