Sunday, November 3, 2019

Magic path current challenge: conscious control of the body

We are engaged in telekinesis every day, when we give mental orders to our body to make the complex movements. Most often we do this unconsciously. Today it is time to evaluate this magical ability: observe how easily you can give commands to your body, assess how easy and obedient it can listen to you.

Castaneda: ...The problem in sorcery is to tune and trim your body to make it a good receptor. Europeans deal with their bodies as if they were objects. We fill them with alcohol, Bad food, and anxiety. When something goes wrong we think germs have invaded the body from outside and so we import some medicine to cure it. The disease is not a part of us. Don Juan doesn't believe that. For him disease is a disharmony between a man and his world. The body is an awareness and it must be treated impeccably. 

Interview: Carlos Castaneda, Sam Keen (1972)

Type: stopping the internal dialogue, not doing

Difficulty: low