Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Magic path current challenge

Everything changes, emerges and dies. Notice that in the things around. Observe how feelings inside you appear and pass over time. Observe the fact that the more you are attached to the feeling, the more difficult it becomes to survive the moment when it goes away.

Now the fluidity enables one to shift the assemblage point to move away from the given spot that makes us persons, and we'll get back to this, because what this given spot that makes us persons really is what we call the self. And that's where self-importance has to go out the window because as long as we maintain our allegiance to the self, what we're really doing is maintaining our allegiance to that particular position of the assemblage point. We'll never be able to perceive anything beyond what the taken-for-granted reality out there is.

Interview: Taisha Abelar, Alexander Blair-Ewart (1994)

Type: stopping the internal dialogue,  losing self-importance

Difficulty: low