Friday, October 4, 2019

Magic path current challenge: imminent death

The whole organic world-people, animals, plants - is doomed to die, obeying natural cycles. Everything that surrounds us will disappear from the earth one day . Do you remember that everything around is made of star dust and will become it again? He explained that poets unconsciously long for the sorcerers' world. Because they are not sorcerers on the path of knowledge, longing is all they have. "Let us see if you can feel what I'm talking about," he said, handing me a book of poems by Jose Gorostiza. I opened it at the bookmark and he pointed to the poem he liked. this living death, that slays you, oh God, in your rigorous handiwork, in the roses, in the stones, in the indomitable stars and in the flesh that burns out, like a bonfire lit by a song, a dream, a hue that hits the eye. ...and you, yourself, perhaps have died eternities of ages out there, without us knowing about it, we dregs, crumbs, ashes of you; you that still are present, like a star faked by its very light, an empty light without star that reaches us, biding its infinite catastrophe. C.Castaneda "The Power of Silence" Type: stopping the internal dialogue, losing self-importance Difficulty: low