Friday, October 25, 2019

Magic path current challenge: the alive objects around

Imagine a sphere around you. Scan the space inside of it, notice alive objects and try to feel them and focus on the awareness of their existence. Gradually increase the size of the sphere.

...The new seers, on the other hand, imbued with practicality, were able to see a flux of emanations and to see how man and other living beings utilize them to construct their perceivable world.
"How are those emanations utilized by man, don Juan?”
"It’s so simple it sounds idiotic. For a seer, men are luminous beings. Our luminosity is made up of that portion of the Eagle’s emanations which is encased in our egglike cocoon. That particular portion, that handful of emanations that is encased, is what makes us men. To perceive is to match the emanations contained inside our cocoon with those that are outside.
"Seers can see, for instance, the emanations inside any living creature and can tell which of the outside emanations would match them.”
"Are the emanations like beams of light?” I asked.
"No. Not at all. That would be too simple. They are something indescribable. And yet, my personal comment would be to say that they are like filaments of light."

C.Castaneda "The Fire From Within"

Type: stopping the internal dialogue, saving energy

Difficulty: low