Saturday, March 28, 2015

Response to Eternal Life Fan Club

It's good to demand EVIDENCE before you believe something. The popular idea that humans have a soul should be met with extreme skepticism. People who are convinced they have a soul are much less afraid of death, and that's a bad thing. The fear of death is your friend and it can save your life!
We are surrounded by death cults that want us to lose our fear of death and even celebrate it. A spoonful of wishful thinking helps the death go down easier.

#Deepak Chopra #Eternal Life Blasphemy


First off, I have no issue with the Eternal Life Fan Club's mission of ending physical death, in fact I promote it at my blog about health. That being said, there is tons of extraordinary evidence for life after death.

Secondly, James Randi is NOT a real skeptic!

Finally, my belief in an afterlife in no way affects my goal to make the most of the life I have, or my wanting to be with my friends and family for as long as humanly possible.