Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chakra Orgone Pyramid Crystal Gemstones Copper Metal Mix

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I dont really know much about this kind of thing i ordered it for my brother and he says its awesome that he feels the energy he also said that it somehow brought the fish back to life , we have a beta fish that apparently had died last friday and well my mother was going to flush it away but my brother ran to get the orgone pyramid and put it next to the fish tank they just left it their cause my parents didnt want to argue with him that it wouldnt work but an hour later mom told me herself the fish was swimming happily in the tank that it actually brought it back to life she was kind of freaked a little simply cause the fish was dead really dead so not sure if it works but from what i was told it does
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Note to those who believe in an evil Illuminati. Just because a group hijacks a symbol does not make anybody who uses that symbol bad. Great example is the Nazis with the swastika.


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