Monday, August 26, 2019

Magic path current challenge: concentration on feet

During the day pay attention to the feeling in your feet: pressure on the ground, warmth or coolness in them. Find an opportunity to walk barefoot. Enjoy the flow of new sensations. "Ordinarily, self-importance feeds on our feelings, ranging from the desire to get along with people and be accepted by others, to arrogance and sarcasm. But its favorite area of action is pity, for oneself and for those who surround us. In order to stalk it, above all we have to deconstruct our emotions into their smallest particles, and detect the sources that nurture them. "Feelings rarely present themselves in a pure form. They disguise themselves. To hunt them down like rabbits, we have to proceed very delicately and strategically, because they are quick and we cannot reason with them. "We begin with the most obvious things, like: How seriously do I take myself? How attached am I? To what do I dedicate my time? These are things that we can begin to change, accumulating enough energy to liberate a little bit of attention that in turn will allow us to go deeper into the exercise. For example, instead of spending hours watching television, going shopping or talking to our friends about stupid stuff, we could dedicate a small part of that time to do physical exercises, to recapitulate our history, or go alone to a park, take our shoes off and walk barefoot on the grass. It seems simple, but with those practices our sensorial panorama changes. We recover something that was always there, which we had given up for lost. "Starting from those small changes, we can analyze elements more difficult to detect, where our vanity is projected into insanity. đÉrmando Torres "Encounters with the Nagual" Type: stopping the internal dialogue, not doing Difficulty: low