Monday, December 11, 2017

Life Sucks - Christmas.

Life Sucks - Christmas.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Radio 3Fourteen - Seana Fenner - Odinism, Traditional Tribalism & The Noble Virtues

Seana Fenner, also known as Odinia, is the founder of Odinia International, a worldwide native European Odinist organization whose headquarters are based in Hawai`i. She did her graduate work in archaeology at Oxford, has created and taught archaeoastronomy courses for the physics department at the University of Hawai`i, and worked for the NASA Infrared Telescope. She has two upcoming books, one on archaeoastronomy and another on Odinist ritual. Fenner is the author and narrator of the Odinist podcast video redes (sermons) and blots (rituals) on the Odinistpodcast Channel on youtube. In this interview, we touch on Fenner's awakening to Odinism and look at the hurdles faced by those who are indoctrinated to filter religion through a Semitic lense. We compare Odin the King God to the monotheistic father god of Abrahamic religions, and Seana highlights the 9 Noble Virtues that form the base of Odinist ethics. Then, Seana delves into civil rights challenges commonly faced by Odinist kindreds as well as the thousand year history of persecution of Odinists. We consider the differences between universalist religious practices and the traditional tribalism that is adhered to by Odinists, and we look upon some of the wonderful customs associated with Beltaine or Walpugisnacht. Further, Seana emphasizes how Christian customs have distorted the original context of our ancient European traditions in the name of egalitarianism. We also explore why actively participating in our own culture is so very important for European folk in preserving diversity and embracing the spiritual manifestation of its people. We conclude with a look at the current decaying state of so many virtue-less Western ideologies that have truly created the perfect platform for celebrating meritocracy and the rebirth of Odinism. Authors website:


Was Odin a Real Person? Is Odin a Real God? Yes and Yes!

Was Odin a Real Person? Is Odin a Real God? Yes and Yes!

Odin/Wotan is the mysterious wisdom bringer and god of the Norse and Germanic people. But in this video I explain why I think he is so much more. 

Join me, Angela Pritchard, as I traverse legends, mythology, local histories, and ancient sites, from Europe, to Turkey, Egypt, to Easter Island, and right through Central and South America, tracing the footsteps of this enigmatic figure known as “the wanderer.”

Where did Odin come from? Was he a shamanic figure influenced by the Saami or was he based on the Roman god Mercury? Why did Anglo-Saxon kings claim his as a divine progenitor? Was he Indo-European or even older? I explain the historical origin of the Norse god, Allfather, and I explain the metaphysical significance of his threefold manifestation as depicted in the Gylfaginning. 

Heathen Woman: The Reality of Odin:

Do you believe that Odin is a real, living god? This is a question that I’ve encountered numerous times since I began teaching, and though the answer may differ depending on whom you ask, my answer is always the same: Yes! Read more at

Now for the following info, I will remind you dear reader to focus on the message, not the messenger. As the first video obviously demonstrates, it is not only modern satanists and white supremacists who take the view that Odin was transformed and corrupted into the Satan figure.

Satan is known to be Odin, Poseidon, Enki, Lucifer, etc. If you do your research you will notice they have the same attributes and their similarities can tell you how their connected. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, all gentile gods (pagan gods) are Demons, and for once they are correct. But the pagan Gods were all known to guide and assist their people in magical workings; never were they considered "evil" until Christianity took place.


Esoteric Christianity

Monday, November 20, 2017

WARNING! The Afterlife "Life Review" Is A Trap! - When you die, should you go into the light? Do not be tricked into reincarnating here! The "life review" that is often reported by near-death experiencers is a negative one. Don't be deceived... again!

WARNING! The Afterlife "Life Review" Is A Trap! - When you die, should you go into the light?


Escaping the Matrix - Breaking the Cycle of Reincarnation to a Prison Planet/Body - THEY RECYCLE YOUR SOUL by Wes Penre:

Absolute Very Best Evidence (NOT 100% Proof) for the Existence of Shapeshifting Reptilian Aliens:

Friday, November 17, 2017

Angels & Airwaves - The Adventure (Acoustic) (Lyric Video) - "A song's meaning is reserved to the individual"

If other people share a similar interpretation of a song as you, it can obviously be interpreted that way. Even if you alone in your interpretation, if you had wrote the words you would still tell people that was the meaning, so it means what you think it does regardless!

"A song's meaning is reserved to the individual"

This has pretty much been accepted by in large by the literature community for decades now. What the artist says their piece is about doesn't matter because your perception of the piece, and the author's, is shaped by literally everything in your life and no two lives are going to be the same. That's because a work of art is never standalone, it exists in the context of all culture. What you're doing by saying "the artist says x, so the song means x" is limiting the interpretation of the song and forcing your perception of the piece on others. As long as you can support you interpretation of a piece of art, with songs this is much harder, then your interpretation is valid.

General CommentAlright this is what I get from it. Let me know what ya think.

The song is like a metaphor and analogy for death and blink breaking up.

I want to have the same last dream again
The one where I wake up and im alive

(Tom realizes he pretty much ended his career ((dieing)) and wants it back so hes making his new band AvA, the dream of him being a musician again.)

Just as the four walls closed me within
My eyes are opened up with pure sunlight

(The analogy of death here, four walls closing him within is a casket, right as he thinks his lifes over and hes dieing he gets the idea of AvA, his eyes opening with pure sunlight of a new life, also in the analogy of being heaven.)

Im the first to know, my dearest friends
Even if your hope has burned with time

(he sees the sunlight he knows there is a heaven, hes telling all his freinds that didn't believe in a life after death thata there is still hope, hes the first to know because hes dead, but its all a metaphor for blink breaking up, the new hope of heaven is AvA)

Anything thats dead shall be regrown
And your viscious pain, your warning sign
You will be fine

(His guarantee of an after life, all thats dead will be regrown in heaven, all the pain and warnings that people put up to not believe are out of line, everyone will be fine. Now all that again metaphorically speaking of blink breaking up and Tom coming back as AvA. Every Reference of an after life in this song is AvA and every Reference of death is blink breaking up.)

Hey yo, here i am, and here we go, lifes waiting to begin

(Pretty obvious, hes back and ready to fuck shit up Lets Party!)

Any type of love it will be shown
Like every single tree reach for the sky

(just kool sounding lines again reassuring that a new band/ wave of after life is coming and will be amazing.)

If youre gonna fall, ill let you know
That i will pick you up like you for I

(This is kool it says like Tom's looking out for the fans, "pick him up" like have faith and stay loyal, hill pick us up like we did him by giving us the best music ever which he promised earlier in this song.)

I felt this thing i cant replace
That everyone was working for this goal
Where all the children left without a trace

(He felt a new life style/band he wanted to live out, he ended blink and can't replace what everyone worked to build in that band, all the kids that love it were left thinking it was all over(( until the next line of the soooonng))

Only to come back as pure as gold
To recite this song

(all the kids that thought he ended everything and ruined it all come back even better because they hear this badass music and new amazing life style, obviously reciting this song, following AvA.)

The rest is self explanatory just Tom inviting everyone onto the next adventure.....

General Commenti personally think this song is about reincarnation. Four walls that close him are his vision fading and his eyes opening with pure sunlight is the light that some people see when they die. i think he is saying to never give up on good things happening even though there is so much death. I think he is also expressing what he hopes his next life to be like. He says that anything thats touched will be regrown and youre vicious pain is your warning sign that you will be fine. This has to be one of the most positive uplifting songs i have ever heard. "We are all the children left without a trace only to come back as pure as gold to recite this song here i am here we go life is waiting to begin.

General Comment
I think that this song is about life after death.

"The one where I wake up and im alive"
"Only to come back as pure as gold"

"Anything thats dead shall be regrown
And your viscious pain, your warning sign
You will be fine"

all signs of what will happen after death,, we will be new again.


Grant Cameron on Tom Delonge & To The Stars Academy - WikiLeaks Proves DeLonge's Claims Of High level Contacts On UFO Disclosure - CBS:

2Pac & The Tibetan Book of the Dead & Tips on Skipping Reincarnation in Favor of Paradise:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Something Strange Is Happening to Our Dreams

Editor's Note: Melissa, the topic of shared dreams is discussed in the book, "The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You," I highly-recommend you read it.

Something Strange Is Happening to Our Dreams