Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Despite Accusations Ed and Lorraine Warren Aren't Technically Debunked---They Certainly Weren't All Bunk... Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater!

By The Why Files: 

Watch "From Amityville to Annabelle | The Truth of Ed and Lorraine Warren's Scariest Case" on YouTube 

First off, I am a subscriber and fan of the Why Files. The approach is very balanced over all and doesn't just seek to debunk the evidence, but rather look at it objectively

I recommend this video down the page a bit, as I think it accurately represents the correct middle road path. It's the sensible and logical route. Yes, money and passion sometimes makes people do stupid things. A mixed bag of good and bad evidence from experiencers turned sometimes hoaxers is well traveled territory in some paranormal research circles, believe it or not. 

The Amityille lawyer mentioned has been accused of being a liar too. A guest I heard on the CoastToCoast AM radio program alleged this mam years ago. So it works in both directions. 

Despise inclinations to toss out the whole turd tainted punch, the seas of what is wheat and chaff are still worth navigating. And unfortunately we humans are very flawed. As Joe Rogan said, "we are monkies who like to pretend we're not monkies and lie a lot." 

So, we ought not go against the grain and go tossin' the baby out with the bathwater. Old adages contain wisdom. In the video linked below, they reinforce the common sense point that there is their side, your side, and the truth lies in between...


The argument The Why Files makes regarding the Annabelle story being a lie based on a Twilight Zone episode, while seemingly suspicious is not definitively anything, but a coincidence. Furthermore, the many paranormal events reported in connection with the doll by  independent researchers in subsequent years after the original incident, is indictive of a supernatural truth. Here's first, a sampling of images about that evidence. Followed by screenshots of comments from various sources, that further support all the claims I've made here and shows that while perhaps morally flawed,  more than one might expect, that they were good hearted kind people underneath it all.