Monday, November 28, 2022


Kim T. Writes:

The day we were taking pictures there I was attempting to prove that two sisters were buried with their parents.  The sisters had an odd story.  Both sisters and their families were living in the same house with their parents.  One of the sisters had a young daughter, Della, who was reportedly beautiful.  Her uncle who was 37 years her senior filed for divorce.  Then he stole and horse and a buggy, abducted the underage girl, age sixteen, from her grandparents house and took off.  Shortly before that he had reported his wife as dead.  It was my thoughts that perhaps he had murdered his wife.  I had just finished telling you this story (which I don't think you listened to) when we heard the voice saying Hi Kim.


There wasn't anyone in the cemetery with us at the time this came through. When I heard the voice I turned around because I thought someone had walked up behind us.  I looked at you to see if you saw them and you had a shocked look on your face said…did you hear that?  I had goosebumps all over me. Paranormal Team/Investigation Evidence + Other Great Ghostly Evidence