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The Moon is the debris of a spacecraft? - David Icke - Saturn & The Moon Matrix - Escaping the Matrix - Breaking the Cycle of Reincarnation to a Prison Planet/Body - THEY RECYCLE YOUR SOUL - WARNING! The Afterlife "Life Review" Is A Trap! - When you die, should you go into the light?

How To Know NOT To Go Into The White Light! // Reincarnation Soul Trap---The Reincarnation Trap: This Is How You Escape.---EXIT the REINCARNATION TRAP! Afterlife, Quantum Travel, Extra Terrestrials & ET's---Soul's Dilemma - The Handlers of Reincarnation Cycles… How To Escape the Trap

A quick intro good to the Soul Trap idea, how it relates to modern UFOs, and ghosts, and how to escape can be found in the first video, but is only the tip of the iceberg and much evidence and other escape strategies require a deep dive.

11:48 Ghosts 9:33 for Soul Trap related material.

As crazy as this all may sound to you dear reader, I urge you to give it a fair shake. The following info resonates with me, as I had come up with very similar ideas about the moon and possible hidden messages in Star Wars while in the midst of a spiritual awakening. This was before (I think) I had heard of any such info. Some of it also dovetails quite nicely with material I have come across in my studies on death and reincarnation from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective.

Former Science Advisor to Walter Cronkite: 'Star Wars is Our Real Ancient Galactic History & Everything Else is Fake':

JMApril 4, 2015 at 3:46 am
The Moon is hollow on the side facing us and the bulk of it’s mass is on the far side. Thus the gravitational pull should rotate the far side toward Earth. Why doesn’t that occur? The Moon’s orbit is nearly perfectly circular and is synchronous facing rotation to Earth, which is an anomaly compared to all other Moons we observe in the Universe. The Apollo misson came back with Moon rock that was more than 5.3 billion years old, yet Earth is tested at 4.3 billion years old. The Moon has dozens of minerals that are plentiful yet the Earth has little to none of the same. Geological testing has revealed that the tides on Earth did not occur until between 12k-15k years ago. Is that when the Moon arrived? Also, the near side of the Moon has more craters than it should since Earth is shielding most of them. The far side has much greater impacts as would be expected. But where did all those huge craters come from on the near side since they are primarily direct perpendicular impact? i.e. Many of those craters would have been blocked by Earth. Some things to think about.

Bill Montague
...We also have some evidence that our earth is hollow. Two plumb bobs were hung down two mine shafts they were about 1 mile apart. They shafts were also connected at the bottom that was about 1 mile deep. The folks that took the measurements said that they were about 6 inches further apart at the bottom than at the top. This is some evidence that the earth is hollow and the center of gravity is 1/2 way between the inner surface and the outer surface. This would cause the plumb bobs to tend to follow the center of gravity being 1/2 way between the inner and outer surfaces that would tend to pull the plumb bobs away from each other at the bottom. profile image Bill Montague 23 months ago Well if you look at the size of the moon and the earth, if the moon and earth were solid, the gravity between them both would have pulled them together long ago. So it seems obvious they both have to be hollow to be able to stay where they are.

TRICKED BY THE LIGHT: HOW SOULS ARE PROGRAMMED TO GO TO THE MOON/SUN AT DEATH TO BE RECYCLED AS ENERGY - A Theory of Life and Death -- How to Win the Game of Life and Escape the Prison Planet Earth which is an Illusionary Matrix that We Dream:

How Disabling The Moon Will Dissolve The Matrix:

Absolute Very Best Evidence (NOT 100% Proof) for the Existence of Shapeshifting Reptilian Aliens:

Produced by Anton Karamanutsa.
All credits to Wes Penre: "After a while, however, it was time to be recycled again. The Sirians and their helpers, residing in this dimension, and whose job it was to manage these 'in between' spirits, had to block the memories of their victims before they were shot back into a body. So the souls who were about to be recycled received some heavy-duty implants before they were ready for their next lives. They were put in a chair and were spun around, while bombarded with images in a rapid speed, telling them to obey their masters, and to forget about previous lives. Some of these implant stations were located on Mars, others in the Pyrenees[13][14]. From there, the soul was then shot into a new body with all memories erased, and so it went on, life after life, up to this very day. Very little has changed. The only thing that apparently has changed over time is that some souls who have been heavily implanted over time, appear not to need the amnesia treatment anymore, and will automatically take a new body when one becomes available; they don't even have to go through the Tunnel of Light at all."
Chris Gaylord:

WARNING! The Afterlife "Life Review" Is A Trap! - When you die, should you go into the light?:

Wisdom On the Secrets about the Wheel of Karma and the Afterlife, Sins (and heroism) of the Father, and Collective Racial Guilt...

"John Lear, yes, a family member in the famed Lear family, told Art Bell that when you die, the ‘light’ is a trick.. the light is a mirage.. it’s the devil himself trying to trick us to enter the gates off hell with him.. The light. 

Last night, years after that Lear show, Whitley Strieber confirmed to Art what Lear said, that the light was not goodness at all.. he said not to embrace the light. Turn away from the light."

The Pleiadians on Soul Recycling, How to stop the Archon Matrix Reincarnation Trap - 2017:

2Pac & The Tibetan Book of the Dead & Tips on Skipping Reincarnation in Favor of Paradise:

Concerning the moon (AKA debris of a spacecraft?) related material below, if man did land on the moon, there is still a conspiracy going on to cover-up what we found. Either that, or the moon whistleblowers here are mixed up in a disinformation campaign to cover-up that we didn't go. NASA Whistleblowers Prove Flying Saucers and Aliens Exist:

I've researched the afterlife for nearly 10 years. I am convinced that Reptilian beings are REAL and that the tunnel of light that people see when they die is a trap.---A now deleted comment mentioned that perhaps one can only be trapped if their consciousness resonates at a low vibration like the reptilians. I think there is wisdom there!