Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rant on Paranormal Phenomenon, Debunkers, Atheism, and Other Stuff

The administrator of the SpookyWeather blog writes:

I think the Ganzfeld experiments and other experiments prove there is something more to our physical selves and nature. Plus various observed paranormal cases of poltergeists and other phenomena show it too.

The Debunkers tend to dismiss everything, discounting the importance of anecdotal evidence and rejecting scientific experiments because it does not fit their preconceived views – they seem myopic and self centred cynical (ie their psychology taints their ‘objectivity’).

Many of the Debunkers seem to be Government plants too. And there are ‘suckers’ to believe these professional Debunkers ...

IMO the National Security State would not want people looking into anything outside the box if they wanted to keep their work on ETs and other stuff secret.  Programs must exist, and yet where are they?  Well, it seems reasonable to think that with the leading Debunkers, we are looking them in the face.

I think a lot of people who are overly leftish, and are on the Social Justice wagon, do take sides when it comes to examining issues. I’ve seen it with people I know when it comes to Trump – ‘he’s  monster!’. Which is why I try to calm them by saying things like ‘not excusing all that other monster stuff’, so that i can point out fundamental nation changing policies. Certainly all the other candidates are either REAL warmongers or probably like Obama (Mr covert war CIA Prez).

Atheists seem to be from the left more often than not, like the debunkers, and they click together. Everything they say about social justice resonates between each group, and thus they effectively sell disinformation through that prism. Real debunking of certain issues provides a level of credence to the debunkers in the eyes of fellow atheists who think what they are treated to is honest scientifically minded thinking.

I’m not overly rightwing tho. I expect people to work, but don’t mind being taxed to help the poor and have hospitals, schools and roads etc. I just don’t want big secretive corrupt governments out of our direct control that wastes money on themselves.

Ps. Sometimes wisdom is hard won, and only found on the paths less travelled. Those putting themselves in intellectual bubble environments will have trouble !

Ranting ...

Having a level-headed world view is not something to take for granted !