Wednesday, July 15, 2015

EVP and Alternate Realities

JM Talboo
hed on Jul 15, 2015

Undebunking EVPs:

Part 1 of this mini documentary features Psychic Medium and founder of CRIS [Contact Research Investigation Specialists] Lisa Ghariani. She explains her back round in the paranormal research field and her theories on what she terms "non local beings"and where they originate from. These beings may be some of the entities that produce the voices that come through on her tapes. The film also includes apparition photos taken by the team in Guthrie, OK

Part 2 of the documentary features Lisa Ghariani and her all female team CRIS actually capturing anomalous voices on location in Oklahoma. The footage documents a male voice of what Lisa calls "a Monitor" coming through loud and clear on her digital recorder. It also features a not so paranormal animal guarding the entrance to a local Satanic worship site in Oklahoma. The team also documents a werewolf type entity who comes through on the recorder as "White Wolf". Lastly, video is captured of an orb interacting with Lisa at a house in Noble, OK