Sunday, September 29, 2019

Magic path current challenge: visual illusion with shadows

We have the ability to see pure energy - light, without attaching almost no value to it. There are a lot of illusions associated with light, many of which are able to amaze if we turn off the usual flow of interpretations. Today every time looking at an object in the shadow, imagine that this is its color, not the shadow. He pointed to a long boulder standing directly in front of us. "Look at the shadow of that boulder, "He said. "The shadow is the boulder, and yet it isn't. To observe the boulder in order to know what the boulder is, is doing, but to observe its shadow is not-doing. "Shadows are like doors, the doors of not-doing. A man of knowledge, for example, can tell the innermost feelings of men by watching their shadows." "Is there movement in them?" I asked. "You may say that there is movement in them, or you may say that the lines of the world are shown in them, or you may say that feelings come from them." "But how could feelings come out of shadows, don Juan?" "To believe that shadows are just shadows is doing" he explained. "That belief is somehow stupid. Think about it this way: There is so much more to everything in the world that obviously there must be more to shadows too. After all, what makes them shadows is merely our doing." C.Castaneda "Journey to Ixtlan" Type: stopping the internal dialogue, not doing Difficulty: low