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Lupe Fiasco - Put You On Game (A Scanner Darkly)

Lupe Fiasco Kicked Off Stage At Obama Inauguration Party

Alex Jones and Richard Gage Debunk the National Geographic Hit Piece on 9/11 Truth

Sep 8, 2015 ... Gnosticism and Buddhism in The Matrix - Annotated Edition ... in a Society of Enslavement and Fear: Transcending the Prison Matrix of Robots, ...
Sep 21, 2015 ... Profound and animated explanation of 'The Matrix' from a Gnostic perspective. Gnosticism and Cinema: The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded ...
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Jan 3, 2016 ... Matrix Wisdom Playlist. An error occurred. Try watching ... Labels: Matrix Wisdom · Newer Post Older Post Home · FAIR USE NOTICE. Must-See ...

The Truth about Popular Music & The CIA's War on Conscious Music

Ghost Adventures S04E05 Stanley Hotel

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

Deadly Possessions S01E04 Bella Lugosis Mirror and Charles Mansons TV

Deadly Possessions S01E04 Bella Lugosis Mirror... by debunkerbuster

Feline Ghost Adventures - Official Version


Included among this startling assortment of proofs for survival of consciousness beyond bodily death, is a flying brick which is deemed not to be a hoax by professional video analyst Slim Ritchie. As well as a rock inexplicably thrown without human assistance, or at least as far as physics professor Ron McTaylor can tell.

Ghost Adventures Best Evidence by debunkerbuster

If you think the show Ghost Adventures is a hoax, take a listen to the interview at this link and think again...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Dead Files S08E04 Gateway to Hell

The Dead Files s08e04 Gateway to Hell by debunkerbuster

Everlast - Ticking Away

I hear mad motherfuckers say they're ready to die
Acting like they don't care but I swear they lie
Tell you now if they had to look death in the eye
They beg and they plead and they scream and they cry

Ghost Brothers S01E02 The Allen House

Ghost Brothers S01E02 The Allen House by debunkerbuster

Ghost Brothers S01E01 Magnolia Plantation:

Some Things You Probably Didn't Know about Prince

Some Things You Probably Didn't Know about Prince by debunkerbuster

Prince Warned Of 9/11 Attacks In 1998 And Predicted His Own Death

How Did Prince Get Foreknowledge On 9-11 Attacks? - 09 Jul 2012 Dutch television program. They discuss a performance of Prince on 23 december 1998 in Utrecht(The Netherlands), they play a bootleg recording of the show. Check out what he says....

The explanation given: "There just had been bombings in Africa that month... The 2001 was a cue to star playing the 2001: A Space Odyssey music they had been playing."

This makes it no less creepy or predictive in nature, if only coincidentally. Nor does it take away the possibility that the use of the 2001 theme was a means to slightly veil the prediction. When one researchers 9/11 predictive programming one learns that this is not as implausible as it may sound.

So does the chemtrail evidence impress you? Well if so, here are a few different types of purported solutions...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ghost Adventures Best Evidence

Included among this startling assortment of proofs for survival of consciousness beyond bodily death, is a flying brick which is deemed not to be a hoax by professional video analyst Slim Ritchie. As well as a rock inexplicably thrown without human assistance, or at least as far as physics professor Ron McTaylor can tell.

Ghost Adventures Best Evidence by debunkerbuster

If you think the show Ghost Adventures is a hoax, take a listen to the interview at this link and think again...

Darkness Radio - April 12, 2016 Bloody Mary & The Criminal History of New Orleans

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ode to Billy

By Kim Talboo

My best friend's brother passed away a few days ago.  His name was Billy and Billy was special. Billy was 58 years old, at the time of his death, but if I had to guess I would say that his mentality was that of a 10 year old.  His favorite past times were riding his bike.  He loved his bike.  Every time he was gifted with a new bike the first thing he would do is tear it apart and rebuild it.  He loved being the mechanic for his bike.  He also had an old rope he carried with him and would twirl it.  Cats and dogs he encountered would play with the rope and he would grin from ear to ear.  He was always grinning.  

He loved his large family of brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and he lived in a small rural community that watched out for him.  His world was really small though, consisting mainly of an old country lane which he would travel on his bike from his home to the highway and back again.  One of his older brothers lived on that lane and he would stop by and say hello and would "help with some work" when any was available. 

I suppose some people felt sorry for Billy but one thing the priest pointed out , that gave comfort to me and other people in Billy's family, is that Billy didn't have a care in the world.  He felt secure in the love that was lavished on him, never had to work or worry about paying a bill, and just seemed to take life as it came, one bike ride at a time. 

Billy's bike was displayed in the funeral home, his Steeler's football hat, his favorite rope and a few birthday cards he received (he died one day before his 59th birthday) were placed in his casket. 

I posted the following poem on Facebook as a memorial to Billy. 

 A Time
For Goodbye
by Ron Tranmer ©

There’s a time for us to live,
And a time that we must die.
A time to say hello,
And a time to say goodbye.

Although it’s very hard
To tell you goodbye now,
We’ll wipe away our tears
And continue on somehow.

Then when our life is over,
And it’s our turn to go,
They’ll be telling us goodbye,
While we’re telling you hello.

Deadly Possessions S01E02 Conjure Chest and St Valentines Day Massacre Wall

Deadly Possessions S01E02 Conjure Chest and St... by debunkerbuster

Does God really exist? Then why do bad things happen to good people?

Andrew Garrett, likes deep questions
730 Views • Andrew has 420+ answers in Philosophy of Everyday Life

I believe that God does exist and I am endeavoring to prove that to myself through meditation.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Here is what I've learned from spiritual masters. I may be butchering it though.

In the eternal Bliss of Spirit, the Unmanifest Absolute, there is no good or bad. There is only eternally existing, ever conscious, ever new Bliss or sat-chit-ananda. There are no differences, there is no relativity.

From this, God the Creator manifested the illusory universe by differentiating Himself, which is Spirit, into all the seemingly separate beings and matter and energy of the universe. This is all a dream in the Mind of God, God is dreaming you and you are in essence one with God.

However, you descended from this state of merely playing a part in this blissful dream when you misused your powers of reason and free will and became lost in ignorance. This is not your only lifetime.

Through ignorance of God's laws you have created evil for yourself. You may appear good to society but by holding attachments, desires/cravings, and aversions you are like a child touching her hand on a hot stove after your parents warned you that it was hot. Perhaps more accurately, you ate poisoned honey which despite tasting sweet at first later caused you much pain.

This is not the whole story though, because there is also an objective evil force in the universe that is a direct consequence of the dualistic nature of this illusory universe. Without this Evil there would be no Good. And yet God as Spirit transcends both good and evil and is always calling you home to Oneness with Him in Spirit. He honors your free will though, so you must demand the wisdom that is your rightful inheritance to cure you of ignorance.

You can wake up from the dream (the seemingly endless lives of suffering through both good and bad) with sincere effort through meditation, prayer, and right actions, setting God as your one all-consuming desire.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you.

The kingdom is within you.

Please take this with a grain of salt though. I'm no enlightened master, I'm merely striving to become one.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Deadly Possessions S01E01 Robert the Doll and the Dibbuk Box

Deadly Possessions S01E01 Robert the Doll and... by debunkerbuster

The Demon House - Most Authenticated Case of Possession in American History:

The White Box: AFTERLIGHT PARANORMAL:Direct Spirit Communication with Brilliant Responses

Some great Direct Spirit Communication using the White Box Ghost Box ( Angel Box )
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The Demon House - Most Authenticated Case of Possession in American History

The Demon House - Most Authenticated Case of... by debunkerbuster


If you think the show Ghost Adventures is a hoax, take a listen to the interview at this link and think again...

Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans talks about his TV show Ghost Adventures and new book, I Am Haunted. Bagans commented on a recent Ghost Adventures episode "Demons in Seattle," in which he and Dave Schrader investigate alleged demonic activity at a house in Bothell, Washington. The resident claimed an entity was wreaking havoc in his home by burning Bibles, throwing objects, and writing demonic symbols on the walls.

Noreen Renier, the only psychic ever to lecture at the FBI Academy, who has assisted law-enforcement officials all over the world, working on more than 400 criminal cases. She discusses the moment she discovered her psychic abilities, practice of psychometry (object reading), and how she turned her remarkable abilities into a career as a psychic criminal profiler. Renier recounted the time she was asked to help find a serial rapist. "I was able to see the rapist, what he looked like, and that he had been in prison before," she said, noting the assailant stuttered and limped when he walked. After the rapist was caught the police verified that he had a stutter and walked with a limp, she added.

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Documentary: Lucid Dreaming Secrets of Charlie Morley

Documentary: Lucid Dreaming Secrets of Charlie... by debunkerbuster

Lucid dreaming secrets - expand your consciousness beyond the waking state to access deeper understanding and higher realities. Featuring lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley. A 45 minute TV documentary filmed by SABC TV at the Tara Rokpa Centre in South Africa, over the August 2012 retreat.


Yantra Yoga and Dream Yoga

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rant on Paranormal Phenomenon, Debunkers, Atheism, and Other Stuff

The administrator of the SpookyWeather blog writes:

I think the Ganzfeld experiments and other experiments prove there is something more to our physical selves and nature. Plus various observed paranormal cases of poltergeists and other phenomena show it too.

The Debunkers tend to dismiss everything, discounting the importance of anecdotal evidence and rejecting scientific experiments because it does not fit their preconceived views – they seem myopic and self centred cynical (ie their psychology taints their ‘objectivity’).

Many of the Debunkers seem to be Government plants too. And there are ‘suckers’ to believe these professional Debunkers ...

IMO the National Security State would not want people looking into anything outside the box if they wanted to keep their work on ETs and other stuff secret.  Programs must exist, and yet where are they?  Well, it seems reasonable to think that with the leading Debunkers, we are looking them in the face.

I think a lot of people who are overly leftish, and are on the Social Justice wagon, do take sides when it comes to examining issues. I’ve seen it with people I know when it comes to Trump – ‘he’s  monster!’. Which is why I try to calm them by saying things like ‘not excusing all that other monster stuff’, so that i can point out fundamental nation changing policies. Certainly all the other candidates are either REAL warmongers or probably like Obama (Mr covert war CIA Prez).

Atheists seem to be from the left more often than not, like the debunkers, and they click together. Everything they say about social justice resonates between each group, and thus they effectively sell disinformation through that prism. Real debunking of certain issues provides a level of credence to the debunkers in the eyes of fellow atheists who think what they are treated to is honest scientifically minded thinking.

I’m not overly rightwing tho. I expect people to work, but don’t mind being taxed to help the poor and have hospitals, schools and roads etc. I just don’t want big secretive corrupt governments out of our direct control that wastes money on themselves.

Ps. Sometimes wisdom is hard won, and only found on the paths less travelled. Those putting themselves in intellectual bubble environments will have trouble !

Ranting ...

Having a level-headed world view is not something to take for granted !