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 (Tibetanསྤྲུལ་པWyliesprul-pa), nirmita (Sanskritनिर्मित), or thoughtform, is a concept in mysticism of a being or object which is created through spiritual or mental powers.[1] The term comes from Tibetan "emanation" or "manifestation".[2][3][4] Modern practitioners use the term to refer to a type of imaginary friend...

Tulpa is a spiritual discipline and teachings concept in Tibetan Buddhism and Bon. The term “thoughtform” is used as early as 1927 in Evans-Wentz' translation of the Tibetan Book of the DeadJohn Myrdhin Reynolds in a note to his English translation of the life story of Garab Dorje defines a tulpa as “an emanation or a manifestation.”[2] The 14th Dalai Lama is said to be partly a tulpa of Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. The Dalai Lama mentioned in a public statement that his successor might appear via tulpa while the current Dalai Lama is still alive.[6]
As the Tibetan use of the tulpa concept is described in the book Magical Use of Thoughtforms, the student was expected to come to the understanding that the tulpa was just a hallucination. While they were told that the tulpa was a genuine deity, "The pupil who accepted this was deemed a failure – and set off to spend the rest of his life in an uncomfortable hallucination."[7]
Belgian-French explorer, spiritualist, and Buddhist Alexandra David-Néel observed these mystical practices in 20th century Tibet.[1] She reported tulpas are "magic formations generated by a powerful concentration of thought."[8]:331 David-Néel wrote that "an accomplished Bodhisattva is capable of effecting ten kinds of magic creations. The power of producing magic formations, tulkus or less lasting and materialized tulpas, does not, however, belong exclusively to such mystic exalted beings. Any human, divine or demoniac being may be possessed of it. The only difference comes from the degree of power, and this depends on the strength of the concentration and the quality of the mind itself."[8]:115
David-Néel wrote of the tulpa's ability to develop a mind of its own: "Once the tulpa is endowed with enough vitality to be capable of playing the part of a real being, it tends to free itself from its maker's control. This, say Tibetan occultists, happens nearly mechanically, just as the child, when his body is completed and able to live apart, leaves its mother's womb."[8]:283 David-Néel claimed to have created a tulpa in the image of a jolly Friar Tuck-like monk which later developed a life of its own and had to be destroyed.[9] David-Néel raised the possibility that her experience was illusory: "I may have created my own hallucination", though she reports that others could see the thoughtforms that have been created.[8]:176


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Mandela Effect - Are We Like The 4400?

Salted Seeder2 weeks ago (edited) When this first hit me I too believed in alternate realities, dual earths, parallel universes, merging timelines, etc.. but that was from watching videos of man trying to explain what's going on, I was freaked out and my whole world and existence was shattered even my identity. I realized I had moved away from God and quickly turned back and sought the answers that way. The messages I received tell me that we are on the same earth, one and only timeline but it's being altered as to wake us up from this reality, this reality that's intentionally provided for us by the enemy who runs and was given this earth plane. We've all been under it and are being deceived and we don't even know it. Even people who read the Bible don't even see where this is all written that it's the enemies world and we are to not be a part of it and what it has to offer. Think about it we only know what we've been told/shown/taught/seen/learned and this makes up our reality/identity/existence. To me the Mandela Effect is to show us how reality really works and to wake us up from this false force fed reality we're under and believe it or not all these roads lead to our creator who's in full control. This awakening is important to the times that are rapidly approaching or have actually already begun. So in a sense those that see it early and that are self aware are here to help guide the masses with this is very apparent. Just like the Mandela Effects start at the center(tree) and branch out, starts in America and branches out, starts in gen x and branches out, etc.. This is intentional and in my opinion the best way to do it. It would be too shocking any other way and just shows you how are creator really knows us as a species. To me there are clues and messages in every TRUE effect and exposes people/companies/brands/movies/music at the same time and is also confirmation of both the enemy and our creator. You'll notice all evil rise to the surface right now for it can't be hidden anymore. This awakening is happening in many other areas not just the Mandela Effect but for us it's how it's being done. You'll notice it starts with the ME and it'll move into many other truths out there and all are exposing the lie, the lie of the enemy we've all been under. Welcome to the quickening it's gonna be a interesting ride, the only real truth and protection will be our creator and the relationship you have with our creator.. Forget about all religions/cults/organizations etc.. these are of man and will deceive, man is under the enemies laws and don't even know it. One on one relationship straight to our creator is where it's truly at.. don't believe me? Try it wholeheartingly.. ask and you shall receive that proof you've always needed.

Mandela Effect List by debunkerbuster

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The Alchemical Meaning of the Number 15 in Occult Numerology

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The Cosmic Giggle - Full Documentary

The Cosmic Giggle is a documentary film that explores the human energy field's dynamic relationship with our environment. Naturally as human beings, we are connected to a vast network of fluid information inherent to the world around us.

The Cosmic Giggle - Full Documentary by debunkerbuster