Sunday, December 27, 2015

Coast To Coast AM - December 24, 2015 Other Side Communications & Angels

In the first half of our Christmas Eve program, author Whitley Strieber shared details of how his late wife Anne has been communicating with him from the Other Side since she passed away earlier this year, as well as the connections between the Visitor experience and the afterlife. He received reports that people's dead friends and relatives were showing up in the context of close encounters. Strieber himself had such an experience in 1985: "One of the beings that was surrounding me was a man I recognized from college and he was telling me all kinds of things about then secret, stealth aircraft." After the incident he looked up his friend, only to find that he had died nine months earlier.

The Visitors have always been with us in one form or another, and "I think they are the arbiters of the soul," he continued. The night Whitley's wife Anne died, he received a call from a psychic friend who didn't know she'd passed, and told him "Anne wanted me to call you." Subsequently, he started receiving more direct communications from her. One thing she conveyed is that souls that have passed are not privy to all information, yet she showed him an image of the universe-- a massive and vibrant web of lights like stars that represented all the planets that had life. After we die, what is left of us for the living is the love that we have made in this world, she also told him.


In the second half, paranormal expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley addressed the existence of angels, where they come from, if they differ from ETs, and why it's important we recognize and welcome them in our lives. There have been many cases in which contactees have interpreted the ET beings they were interacting with as angels. "A lot of it is basically our perception...ETs come in many different forms and sometimes they seem to be beings of light, and come with the purpose of helping and assisting, which is one of the primary roles of angels, so there's a tremendous overlap in a lot of our contact experiences," she commented.

In a biblical sense, angels are the keepers of a cosmic order, and charged with meting out God's will, and sometimes that can mean to punish human beings, she noted. Over the course of history, our view of angels has changed quite a bit, and now most people perceive them as being all good and benevolent. Known for serving as guardians and guides, they do have other celestial functions that go beyond the daily affairs of humans, she added. Guiley also described cases of angelic intervention in which the beings appear to people in times of greatest need or crisis, sometimes under the guise of an ordinary human. "I think it's so important for us to recognize angels, and to establish a communication, an alignment with their force, and their presence, and their energy," she remarked.


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