Thursday, May 28, 2015

Alien Abduction & Visits from the Dead


Whitley Strieber, a well-known author, recounts his alien abduction experiences that eventually lead to his best selling book, Communion. This video does a fairly decent job of retelling his story with decent production values.

Close Encounters at Whitley Strieber's Cabin: 2 Witnesses Speak Out


I believe that this interview is one of the most important, vital and fascinating interviews on the 'Visitor' experience and the Human condition as a whole that you are likely to hear.

I contacted Whitley to ask his permission to upload this edition of Dreamland from Friday November 18, 2011, which he kindly granted, as I think it needs a wide a circulation as possible.

Not only does it answer any critics of Strieber by documenting other people's encounters with the beings he writes about in his book COMMUNION and its subsequent follow -ups, but these testimonies from Lorie Barnes and Raven Dana show just how amazing, wonderous and many faceted the Human experience really is, giving credence to Strieber's assertion that 'normality is a filter'.

I have been a fan and supporter of Whitley & Anne Strieber since reading COMMUNION in the late 1980's.

I am a composer in the UK and have written a trilogy of music dedicated and inspired by Whitley & Anne and the great work they do in showing the possibilities of humanity and what we call reality.
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