Friday, September 19, 2014

The Dead Living at 'Night of the Living Dead' Cemetery

A blog visitor named Gary writes:

We used to go drink here as teenagers.

This is where George Romero made one of the B/W Night of the living dead movies.

Torrence State Mental Hospital was not far away and they would release people with no car, money, or friends and they would steal cars and push them into the water here.

And moan and groan when teenagers came around to scare them off and because a lot of them went off their meds as soon as they were released.

By the time we were seniors the Police put chains up to keep people out be we brought bolt cutters with us to cut the chain.

After that in addition to the chains they bulldozed dirt upon to the road to block out everything but motorcycles.

One of the site commentators said in 2010…

"My girlfriend and i went to the west Penn trail yesterday around 7pm. First we wanted to investigate what was past the blue gate. We walked up about 300 feet, just before we got to the clearing we BOTH got a chilling and very eerie feeling and we instantly turned back. Even though we didnt say we were gonna do it, we were both compelled to run back down the trail to the gate as if someone or something was chasing us. We found out later(when we got home and got on the internet)that we were at the 2nd most haunted place in PA. LIVERMORE CEMETARY. Then we walked down the trail until it comes to a "T" in the path. We didnt know which way to go so we started walking right. We walked for about a mile and heard very strange sounds in the woods all around us. I made a comment to my girlfriend that it would be cool if this path took us to livermore because we couldnt find the town and there were no maps to tell you how to get there. After a while we turned back. As we crossed the 2nd bridge i felt like there was someone or something watching us, and when i looked back i saw the shadows of what looked like 2 or 3 people walking toward us. Im not gonna lie that was the most scared ive been. I grabbed my girls hand and started running. We ran almost to the 1st bridge and when we looked back those things we just as far away as they were before we started running and they were still stationary, as if they were just standing there watching us. We were tired of running so we walked as fast as we could. Just before we gott to the end of the 1st bridge I looked back again and NOONE was there. Theres no way they went off either side of the trail because it drops off about 400 hundred feet and noone could survive that fall. We are both convinced that we were being followed by the spirts that haunt livermore, filmore, and the cemetary. We got back to the "T" in the path and it was getting dark and we decided to go check out old torrance state hospital. But thats another scary story.- a Seriously creeped out person" - See more at:

Several urban legends surround the former town. One claims that the town was wiped out in a flood. While the site is now underwater, the buildings of the small town were condemned and torn down before the dam was built and the area was flooded in 1952. Another belief is that George A. Romero’s cult horror film Night of the Living Dead was filmed at the Livermore Cemetery. The first 15 seconds were filmed at Livermore Cemetery, however the majority of the cemetery scenes were filmed in Evans City, Pennsylvania, more than 60 miles from Livermore.[12] The site is nonetheless considered haunted, and the stories primarily center around the moving of graves that occurred when the town's cemetery was required to be moved to higher ground. The cemetery was not relocated, however, and has always been in its present location.[7][13] Due to repeated vandalism, access to the cemetery is now restricted.[14]

  The residents of the town of Livermore, as well as those interred at the Livermore Cemetery, were relocated during the early 1950's as part of a flood control project by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Authorized by the Flood Control Acts of 1936 and 1938, the town structures were then completely razed, and the area has been under water as part of the Conemaugh River Lake Reservoir since 1952.

Directions to Livermore Cemetery:

1. Take Rt 22 East from New Alexandria for 4.5 miles.
2. At turn for Rt 982 South, do not take right turn. Instead turn left onto Livermore Road
3. Follow Livermore Road for 2.7 miles to a "T" intersection.
4. Go straight down L Cemetery Road (No Outlet Sign). Follow for 0.3 miles, where road forks, but access is blocked for both roads.
5. Park car, and follow right fork through blue gate. Cemetery is at end of road about 200 yards down.
GPS Coordinates (ddd mm.mmm)
N 040 27.491
W079 19.982