Sunday, August 25, 2019

Debunking Brian Cox and the Notion that the Large Hadron Collider Has Disproved Ghosts

MrCha tounet
I have a question : as Brian Cox said recently, following the second thermodynamic rule, a ghost cannot exist but a very short time because of the constant loss of its energy. But, many people in contact with ghost related the air became very cold around and they felt suddenly awaken. So my question is : is it possible a ghost survives recycling the heat of the air and the energy of any living around to preserve himself? What would be the necessary minimum energy for a ghost size 1m50 for example to maintain its existence? Thank you for answer

Debunker Buster
Speaking to the validity of your point is also the sudden draining of batteries, flickering of lights, and general malfunctioning of various tech, which is common in hauntings.

what i've learned from cern... the negation of their claims is the truth.... for example, people were worried that cern experiments could create black holes... they said nonsense... now, they say there going to create them... so cern CAN create black holes then...

using this logic, if they said ghosts are not real because the cern proved it, then actually they DO exist.... and when they are revealed to us, they will simply change their name to metaphysical entities or something....


Alan Aspinall
We are making the judgment that if such things are real they are playing by the rules of our reality,,I've had a few thing happen to me,and know of others who had similar experiences that make me question if we know as much about the nature of our reality

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