Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trump for President: Predictions 2016 - John Hogue - Just Energy Radio

According to author, astrologer and prophet, John Hogue, "The Donald" is primed and ready to negotiate his biggest, most fantastic, most challenging, most stupendous deal yet: convince a majority of the American people to vote for Trump for president. Can he make the deal of a lifetime, or will the Republican party say to him "you're fired!"

John Hogue, a forecaster of future events, joined the Farside for our 2016 season opener, and our third season of producing the Farside. This show was a little different from past shows with John Hogue, in that the topics covered were not necessarily focused on predictions (or forecasts) but rather a discussion on the nefarious number 666.

John ended that portion of the discussion with a song he wrote titled “A Doomsday Christmas Carol”. We then followed up with a discussion on the upcoming Presidential elections, and whom John foresees as having the highest potential of being elected as the next President of the United States of America.

Twelve Days of Doomsday (Song):

Presidential Discussions and Predictions for who will become the next President in 2016:

John Hogue Books:

Does 666 Represent a Future Crisis?

For thousands of years the book of Revelation—in the Christian Bible—has been a book that some feared, others looked upon for salvation from a wicked world of diseases and vile behavior. 

But, if John Hogue is right, then 666, or in older text- 616, represented an anti-christ during the lifetime of the author of Revelation—and not a person or entity that shall inflict harm upon on us now, or in the future for our descendants.

What Is Considered As the Mark Of The Beast?

There are multiple ideas on what a futuristic mark of the beast could represent and these include the following.

* Social Security Numbers
* Implanted chips
* Barcodes digitally tattooed
* Without this mark you are unable to purchase goods or services (which brings to mind of a currency that this mark must represent).

But as discussed on the show, what we can think of now, does not or may not reflect reality of when such a mark appears. If it has not already appeared.

Will Bernie Sanders Become The Next President?

John does not see Bernie Sanders as being a strong competitor against the Clinton dynasty. Instead, John feels that Bernie Sanders will step down and allow Hillary Clinton to have the nomination without a great fight over the Democratic nomination.

What Will It Take To Beat Hillary Clinton?

John, and other forecasters, in addition to psychics, believe that Hillary Clinton is potentially destined to become the next U.S. President. There is however a disruption of those feelings. There is one person in the Republican Party, which, according to many, would be the sole barricade of a Clinton dynasty running the white house again.

His name is: Donald Trump.

Will Donald Trump Become The Next President?

When Donald Trump, the Donald, first came out as running for president—just about nobody took him serious. The overall feeling was that Donald trump was an entertainer and would jump ship, almost as fast as he cast it into the vast political sea.

When that didn’t happen, and his popularity began booming. The Democratic Party and Republican Party, both began paying a sincere attention to his candidacy—though many still renounce Trump’s campaign as being unlikely to get far.

Donald Trump’s popularity has been mind-boggling through various aspects. And that is why everybody, for both sides of the political fence should consider him to be a strong, if not viable, contender for uprooting the Clinton dynasty that so many foresee as happening.

Donald Trump has engaged those American Citizens, who feel their voices are not heard. It is their anger over the Obama administration, and the attacks against constitutional rights has cast a wrench into the political clock-work.

The latest predictions for the 2016 presidential election from a top forecaster whom claims to have a record of 12-0 in presidential predictions. 

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