Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SyFy's Paranormal Witness


Episode of Do You Believe, Profiling the Unexplained with Host Norene Balovich and special guest, Jason Haxton owner of the Dibbuk Box. Jason will be telling his story and answering questions pertaining to his ownership, and the horrific paranormal events that occurred. The Dibbuk Box has been featured on SyFy's Paranormal Witness, and recently the subject of the movie, "The Possession".

This is a recording of one of our radio shows called Shadow Radio Wednesdays with special guest Jodi Foster!!

Jodi is the star of syfy Paranormal Witness, The Apartment, and an Author and Radio Host. She has written the book "Forgotten Burial: From Beyond the grave" Forgotten Burial is a novel of suspense, wry humor, life after death, and the supernatural; a story about identifying, accepting, and embracing spiritual gifts.

This is a nonfiction account of actual events linked to a well-known murder and abduction case that reached sensational proportions in the mid-1980s, bringing to light the term, Stockholm syndrome. The story has gathered a growing momentum of interest internationally, and nationally ever since, and was remembered once again due to the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping.